Sunday, November 13, 2011

The Big Winner over Manny Controversy

We attended the 11 am mass at Xavier University Chapel. As expected, only few people attended. In fact, the streets looked deserted when we went there. Whenever there's a Manny Pacquiao fight, it seems that the clock stopped here in the Philippines. You can hardly see anyone outside the house, the streets looked empty and you can see less people at the mall.

But I love it! My family and I loved it because we owned the street and the road going to the mall. We can easily find a parking space for our car, at the church, there were many vacant seats and allowed us to choose the better post and when we were at the mall, the saleslady or salesman attentively listened to our requests because we were their only customers! bwahaha :))

Although watching the fight would have been interesting, we don't go out of the way to buy a ticket to watch it live. We can always ask someone from the social network who won the fight. We don't even care if we watch it on late telecast. Perhaps because, on my part, I'm not really a sports-minded person but my support for Manny will always be there.

Oh, I've heard that the fight today with Marquez was controversial. A lot of Filipinos were disappointed with Manny's performance. Well, whatever they say but who cares! Our kababayan won and that's all that matters!

But I felt like a big winner here. I was able to shop at the mall and enjoyed the day with my family.

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