Friday, December 23, 2011

A Message to People Not Affected with Typhoon Washi

It's 2 days before Christmas but I am not so looking forward to celebrate. But hubby said that we should celebrate as a way of thanking God for keeping us safe (especially my in-laws who were flood victims) and free from harm after typhoon Washi/Sendong hit our city so badly.

When I happen to watch the news on TV, it made me sick to my stomach as the death toll rises everyday. But what's sickening to see is that billions of money were donated but I don't think it reached to the victims. Yes, there were relief goods but it's not enough to sustain their daily needs. Some gave the victims sacks of rice and where will they cook that? Remember, they brought nothing with them but themselves. Many people at the evacuation centers sleep on the floor, they don't even have blankets. And there are babies who are in need of diapers and I wish they are now being supplied. To get straight to the point, a lot of people received goods from private individuals and not from those donations mentioned on TV. Private groups raised money and gave it directly to the families affected, my in-laws included. So, where are those funds that the government agencies and other sectors promised? I hope it's still there...

Other people assumed that the flood victims were those living near the river. They assumed that all of them were poor. But if they will really come here and look up close and personal, even the middle-class and rich families were also affected. They don't live near the river bank and they lived in a titled lot but they were not spared. They flee like everyone else, climbed on the roof or trees, seek refuge in whatever they could grab... So, you see? No one is spared from flood. So, I'm begging you people, stop saying bad things if you have nothing nice to say! I could only pray that it won't happen to you.

Part to blame was the illegal logging and the system of the government. I've seen trucks carrying so many logs and yet they were not apprehended. Everything works under the table but unfortunately, many died because of their bad acts. So, I appeal to everyone, to help us campaign for a total log ban not only in our area but everywhere else. Because when mother nature strikes, many innocent people die.

And most importantly, it's best that we pray not only in times of trouble but everyday. We should pray thanking for the gift of life that's given unto us. Before I go to sleep, no matter how tired I am, I pray. I think it's very important. And I'm teaching my kids, no matter how small they still are, to pray always for guidance especially when we go to sleep for we many never know what happens next.

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