Monday, November 21, 2011

Zoe's Visit to the Doc

I brought Baby Zoe to her pediatrician last Saturday to receive her chicken pox vaccine. She should've received it 4 months ago but because of many hindrances, it was delayed. Chicken pox is to be given when the babies turned 1 year old.

I set for an appointment over the telephone and was told that baby Zoe was number 26. The secretary told me to come after lunch and when I checked again with them, they told me honestly that I could be accommodated around 3 pm. I decided to go there at 2:30 pm and true enough, there were plenty of patients outside waiting for their turn. It was almost 4 o'clock when we were called and Zoe was already sleepy. However, the doctor's clinic was so colorful she turned restless and picked a lot of things. Her ped let her and even played with her for awhile. She started with the consultation before proceeding to give Zoe her vaccine.

Zoe cried for just a short while, maybe more surprised of the prick. She easily forgot when she was given a stuff toy to hold and then she went on exploring the clinic.

At 1 year and 4 months, Zoe weighed 12.2 kgs. She walks better now than last month but still needs to be watched over.

By January next year, she's scheduled to receive MMR. I hope the price is still the same coz her chicken pox vaccine was already expensive. But I've to bear in my mind that my children's health are more important so I need to stretch my budget a little to make sure my kids are safe, healthy and protected from illnesses.

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