Friday, December 30, 2011


We went to the mall this late afternoon for a last minute shopping. I've realized that there were some kids I missed in giving gifts last Christmas and I'm trying to make it up on New Year's Day. I didn't bother buying gifts to kids I only see once in a blue moon. Although before, I used to go to my god-children's house and personally gave them their gifts. But it's different now. I've no time to go out and I don't know where some of these kids are currently living. Besides, it's hard to think what to give them now for they are already grown-ups. They might find my gifts too childish...

I love to buy and give gifts and that's a fact. Sometimes, I bought things earlier and stock them in my cabinet so that I won't have a hard time thinking what to buy during Christmas day. But there were some items that were not given coz I don't know where to give it. I just informed the parents about the gifts but if we don't get to see each other, then the gift will remain in my cabinet...

To let you know, I have more than a dozen godchildren and most of them are males and only 3 are females... I've to include my husband's godchildren and I think there are only 4 of them. And aside from them, my husband and I have nieces and nephews so we've to give them gifts, too. And oh, I forgot about my own 2 kids! They are also included on my list so just imagine how I would look like after I'm done buying gifts for all them :-)


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