Monday, November 21, 2011

Elocution Contest

My daughter's going to join Elocution contest this coming Friday. She was one of the selected few students to represent her class. I was hoping to find a coach for her but to no avail. I decided to be the one to teach her. During their elimination round, it was only me who taught her. And I guess for their final round, I would end up coaching her again and I hope I'm able to help her get it right.

Elocution is their school's forte but it's my daughter's first time to join the said contest. She will be judged according to the following:

1. Mastery and Clarity
2. Voice and Pronunciation
3. Proper Gesture and Expression

I don't have problems with numbers 1 and 2 but Chloe needs to improve her gestures and expressions coz I'm also doubtful if I taught her the right way. I was hoping to find that piece online or hear somebody reciting it at YouTube but I was unsuccessful. So, for now, Chloe will just have to rely solely on me. But I told her to just give her best and enjoy the contest. Whatever is the result, I'll always be proud of her...

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