Thursday, December 15, 2011

Not Done Yet

It's still early morning on my side and here I am now blogging :-). I was quite busy with my eldest daughter, Chloe, lately. She had her 3rd quarter exams and I need to review with her to make sure she studied the correct pointers and to check if she understood it. To my surprised, she was able to inculcate her in mind her lessons very well. She even memorized some lines of the books. I told her make sure she understands and I tried to let her explain in her own words. Still, she knew it well and even asked me questions and further explanations that I cannot anymore answer =)

Her exams ended Wednesday but turned out that I would still busy for her upcoming activities. She had practices for her school program and a ballet practice for their presentation this coming Sunday. I drove her to and fro school..And they have Christmas parties! So yesterday, I went to the mall to buy gifts for her to give... and I was not even done yet!

I'm planning to go out this afternoon that's why at this early, I'm making some posts in my blog. How about your end? Perhaps you are also busy helping your kids with their Christmas activities? ;-)

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