Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Her Folder

After I woke up early this morning and prepared breakfast for everybody, glad that I was finally in peace when Chloe already left for school. However, I've to take care of baby Zoe but I can manage her. But few minutes later, I got a call and a text from Chloe that she forgot to bring her folder. She put some of her important materials for school in there. Her dad asked me a favor to bring it for Chloe for he's going to prepare to go work. I gritted my teeth but there was nothing I can do. I was so tired and I don't feel like going out. If only the thing she forgot was not that important I would've not gave in. So, off I went to her school, murmuring on my way there. But when I saw my daughter, she was happy to see me bringing her folder. She was relieved and well, so am I. But I reminded her to not to forget to bring her things next time.

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