Friday, November 4, 2011

Special Service

The first time I arrived in Chicago O'Hare International Airport, I was so amazed to see how big it was! I took some pictures of myself and my mom before meeting my uncle who was waiting for us outside.

My uncle lives in Skokie, Illinois but traveled all the way to the airport to fetch us. He was excited to meet us and we were very happy to see him, too. While he was driving us to his home, where we would be staying, I told him I got fascinated with their big airport.

My uncle then told me that some people, especially the executives, avail the Chicago Airport Shuttle Service to avoid undergoing all the hassles. A choice of vehicle and a personal chauffeur will be provided and the passengers get to enjoy the amenities that they are entitled to experience. I imagined that must that must be a fun ride.

I stayed in Illinois for 3 months and went home all by myself. My uncle drove me to the airport and that time, I got a good view of the place. I didn’t avail the shuttle since my uncle was there to help me but perhaps someday, when I could back to the place again, I might try to avail it.

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