Friday, December 16, 2011

Busy Week

I'm counting the days when I will have to rest. Tomorrow, I will accompany Chloe to her dress rehearsal for ballet. I thought it's going to be in the morning but just got informed now that she will have to go at 1pm. At 4 p.m. tomorrow, she should be at school. Their Christmas program will start at 5 p.m. My mom promised me to take care of Zoe and I hope they will both be alright. I'm sure we'll go home quite late in the evening.

On Sunday, almost all members of the family plan to watch Chloe's ballet presentation. This time, I have to bring the baby with me and I hope she will not be cranky inside the hall. The Nutcracker Ballet will start at 2:30 pm and I hope they will be on time so that we can go home early :-)

On Monday morning, Chloe will have her Christmas party at school so I have to accompany her again. I'll be helping her to bring gifts not only for her classmate but for her teachers and friends as well. She is to bring food to share with her classmates also. I think most of them were told to bring.

After I'm done taking care of Chloe, I'll have to make a schedule in going to the mall to buy gifts for the family, most especially for the kids. I have several godchildren and probably some of them expect a gift from me, hehehe. I want them to be happy also so I've to list them all so that I will not forget anyone =)

Christmas is really busy, huh? And malls are getting richer, hehe. Well, nobody actually obliged gift-giving but sometimes, it's fun to do it especially on Christmas day ;-)

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