Monday, November 14, 2011

Respect begets Respect

I went out this afternoon and did a little grocery. It's been quite awhile since I did the marketing coz it was always my husband who always go to the supermarket :) Yeah, it's because he prefers to do it than stay at home watching over his two restless kids.

So, after I was done with the grocery, I lined up at the cashier and waited for my turn when suddenly someone inserted the lane. I asked him if he was the companion of the lady in front of me but he said no. I told him that he should be at my back coz I lined up first, he should wait for his turn... Instead, he told me he only had a few items to pay and it should be fine with me if he inserted on the line ahead of me.

Well, I've encountered this scenario a couple of weeks ago and how pissed off I was! I scolded the salesman (who inserted the lane to help his customer), the cashier and even called the manager. I didn't want this thing to happen again. Some people are just so dumb and ignorant!

I didn't give up my right and told that man to be respectful. I was in there first so no matter how plenty or few were my things, he's got no right to just get in the line. Besides, there were other lanes that cater only 5-10 items. Why should he pushed himself at my lane?

With that, he left. And I think that was the right thing he did. I don't know why a lot of people here are just so plain ignorant. I wish right conduct and proper decorum are included in the school curriculum so that when students kids grow up, they know how to respect others.

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Mommy Dharlz said...

that's because some teachers do not have that also.. sad but true