Monday, November 14, 2011

Coats I Keep

It's always raining these days that even when I'm inside our house, I use my sweater or a coat. But when I watch the news on the TV to know about the weather advisory, no typhoon coming was announced. The news anchor only said that we are going to experience low pressure area in our place so drizzle or slight rain is expected.

At dawn, I sometimes shiver because it's much colder especially if there is a rain. We have an aircon inside our bedroom and we don't turn it off during nighttime because of the kids. They sleep well if our room is cold so I have to bear with it. That was also the reason why I have a few stocks of plus size coats to keep me warm. I'm just a medium-size person but I love wearing something big especially if it's a coat. Actually, the coats that I have are for going out and some of them have stylish designs but can't help using it at home because of the warmth and comfort it gave me. But some of my coats were already given to my mom because it just fits perfectly on her.

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IMRIZ said...

aw, same as u, i can't seem to handle AC for longer hours at night, but since the little miss sleeps with us, have to wear sweaters:)

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