Saturday, November 5, 2011

Something's Wrong With My Lappy :-(

So sad! My laptop of almost 2 years is currently under repair. I had no idea what happen to my lappy. I was just shocked to learn that it won't function this morning. My husband is trying to fix it and I am hoping of a positive result. I wish no major damage occur to my laptop.

Right now, I am using our PC. My husband is the one using this but since he's busy downstairs to fix my lappy, and playing games at his PS3 at the same time, I decided to use his PC to finish some tasks, do blogging and answering emails to friends.

Going back to my laptop, if my husband is not successful in fixing it, I'll definitely look for someone who can repair this. And I hope it's not expensive or else I'll be forced to buy a new one. But I've no budget for that as of the moment. I prefer to have my lappy fixed because I've grown to love that much...

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