Saturday, November 5, 2011

Fight For Your Right

I worked in a steel company before and I was one of the first employees hired. I had witnessed how the company progressed and how the number of employees increased. I had good working relationships with my office mates and with our superiors.

However, as the company hired more workers, more problems arise. Union was formed by some of the workers. They demanded an increase in salary and more benefits for the rank and file employees. I understand their concerns and sentiments but what was not appealing was when they became radical.

It gave the company a negative impression. It affected the productivity of the workers and the sales of the company as well. I was caught in between for I was on the management side while I was also friends with the union members.

To settle their differences, an employment lawyer barrie was hired. The fair treatment of the employees was discussed and the employers also aired their side on the employees’ working habits and the things expected of them to do by the company. In my opinion, both parties have faults but both were also right on what they were fighting for. After all the issues and legal matters were ironed out, all of us were glad of the result because it was done in a peaceful way. In the end, both the company and the employees benefited from it.

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