Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Job Hunting

I am currently a full-time mom to my 2 kids but I plan to go back to work when they're both a little bit older. I am a Registered Nurse and looking for a job online sometimes help. I am browsing in one site and they required me to submit my medical resume. If you're also of health profession, you can visit their site and search for a right job they posted that fits you, too!

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Merry Christmas!

Hello everyone! Tomorrow's the 24th day of December and we will be spending our Christmas eve at my mom's house. It's always our tradition to dine at her place and wait for the clock to strike at 12 midnight. Chloe's been looking forward on this, too. She can't wait to open her gifts. But I told her we'll not buy anything expensive this time because there are 2 of them that we need to buy gifts... Or she can have what she wish but as long as it is within budget, we'll get it, hehe.

How's your Christmas? Anything for me? hehe. Kidding aside, my family and I wish you all a wonderful Christmas and a very happy New Year, too!

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Something Fishy

Are your menus for Christmas Eve ready? I definitely go for fish and some pastries. However, preparation takes a lot of time especially if you don't have the right equipment and ingredients. I thought of a relative who owns a spyderco spyderhawk knife. In just a few seconds, he was finished preparing the fish and he grilled it right away. Perhaps I'll borrow it from him just for 1 day.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Oh No!

My daughter Chloe's 3rd quarter exam ended yesterday and now they are busy preparing for their Christmas program comes Thursday (for all grade one pupils) and Friday (their own section only). I've read the schedule last week for their practices and I didn't bother reading it again yesterday. All I remember was that one of their practices will be held in the afternoon and not in the morning. I still woke up very early today but only cook the food when the clock strikes 7 am. Chloe woke up and we just had our conversation about what she was about to do during Christmas break. As Chloe relied so much on me, she just followed what I was saying. I never even boiled hot water for her to use it for bathing (we don't have hot & cold shower - besides, she doesn't like shower, she preferred the faucet and use a pail and a dipper).

We had breakfast at 7:45 am then we went back to our bedroom. Chloe sat on the bed then asked me how will she get to school? I told her that her dad will drive her to school before 1 pm and she will ride the carpool in going home. Again, she blurted out "How will I get to school today?!" Suddenly, it occurred to me that I might be mistaken in reading her schedule so, I dash out of the room and look for the sked that I put just right outside our bedroom. There, it was written that for today's schedule, they will have a practice from 8:00 am - 10:30 am at school and our clock said it was 8:00 AM!

I was running back and forth and told Chloe to change right away. She wanted to wash but I told her she had no more time and all she had to do was brush her teeth, change her clothes and underwear and off she go, hehe. She protested but looking at the clock ticking, she had no choice. I told her not to mention to her classmates and teachers that she was not able to take a bath, haha :)) She will just wash later when she arrives home.

Okay, I really blamed myself for this. It was my fault that I didn't double check the schedule. And I was surprised with myself how forgetful I was these days. I hope I don't have an early Alzheimer disease (God forbid!). I used to be very careful in knowing all activities of my kid but dunno what's up with me these days.

Thankfully my husband was still around so he was able to drive Chloe to school. I think Chloe got there right on time coz her school's time is quite different from ours (which is advance) but my husband turned out late for work, hehe.

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Smart Phone

My cellphone was bought almost 4 years ago as a gift and I haven't changed it. But someway, somehow, it made me think of getting a new one. I saw a phone online that offers great features. I think the latest version of htc desire 2.2 is great and it has everything I need. Perhaps I'll ask my husband to buy me one of this as his Christmas gift to me.

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Modus Operandi

I usually set my cellphone's alarm clock at 5 in the morning to prepare breakfast for my family and help Chloe prepare her things prior in going to school. My phone is always on 24/7 in case of emergency or whatever. But this morning, I don’t need an alarm because my daughter’s school declared today a holiday. Yet I woke up very early this morning because of a text message. It was still 4:30 am and I thought it came from my daughter's school or perhaps, an emergency message from members of my family... But only to read a message coming from a certain Atty. Miguel B. Varela informing me that my sim# had won 2nd prize with the amount of P950,000 from VP Jojomar Binay's fund. And I was told to call this certain Attorney right away. Am I really that stupid?!! I was so angry because my sleep was disturbed from this idiot. Most of the time, I ignored these messages. But this morning, I just texted back this idiot that what an ***hole he was and that I've traced his location and the police were on their way to get him.

You see, these people are trying to bribe others who are stupid enough to believe these messages. And this kind of modus operandi is so ancient that those who believe right away are what?---still stupid. Sorry I've said a lot of stupid words here as I just mad for that person for waking me up at the wee hour in the morning. I hope karma gets him...

Great Help!

Have you experienced looking for things that you can hardly find? Do you get tired looking for it? Because I do. Sometimes, I asked my kid to help me search for a certain thing. I hate it when a valuable item is misplaced but it's hard to search for it because it is tiny. But I saw one site online that they have metal detectors on sale. I might purchase from them so that I won't have trouble looking for my items.

Fantastic Shirts

I bet some of you are avid supporters of a certain game. You have a team that you prefer and sometimes, even bet on them. Some players are so popular that you wanted to wear something that will show your support to that person. Others decided to wear some nfl t shirts that has a printed name of the team as their way of support. You can search for this shirts on the net and even buy this online!

Saturday, December 4, 2010

My Comfort Zone

We are currently scouting for a nice and comfortable bed. We need one more queen size bed so that all four of us will fit and sleep together in one room. It was so timely that there's a mattress sale that can be bought online because they have the kind of brand that we are looking for. We find it a must to purchase a bed that gives us comfort when sleeping.

Friday, December 3, 2010

Live, Love, Blog

Hello peeps! If you have time, please do visit my wordpress blog: Live, Love, Blog. Just click the picture below and it will lead you there.

Anything that is written in this blog is based solely in my opinion. It also talks about health, entertainment, movie and book reviews. Yeah, this is one of the reasons that kept me busy blogging, hehe. See you there! ;-)

Wake Me Up!

While I am waiting for my daughter to arrive home from school, I am in front of my laptop blogging. I am trying to relax after doing my household chores this morning. Our house help pissed me off. Gosh, I can't seem to find a good one these days. My current househelp is in her 40's and she was a neighbor of my husband's family. They've known her for many years and everytime she asked for help, they would readily give. She worked with me as stay out for quite several years, too, only she's not regular. She's only here when requested even though many times, I objected. Now, it's too much for me to bear. I've been kind to her, even giving all her demands. She came in 11:30 in the morning instead of 10am. Sometimes, she arrived around 12noon or 2pm and went home on or before 4 pm. I guess that's too much. Her pay is even higher than my previous helpers. And most of the time, she's absent just like today, yesterday and several weeks ago. If she's reprimanded by my inlaws, she got angry and backbite them and always thought that she was right. Most often, I just gritted my teeth to avoid trouble. But plenty of times I wanna slam her with so many words that she might evaporate hearing it, but I kept my patience...I think I've stretched it too much I might go crazy like her. As of today, all I know is I don't want to see her face. She's no help actually coz I still have to followup her work when she finished it. She's such a lazy cow that even my child's uniform is still dirty after she washed them. Our bedrooms are still full of dusts after she cleaned them... or did she really clean them? I thought old people are better than younger ones but they're still the same. I guess it's a matter of attitude. I'm even pressured every afternoon of what to give her for snacks. And now, this is what I get from being so nice to her. I guess I deserved a slap in the face to wake my stupid self up!

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Cheap Insurance

Every year, we always renew the insurance for our car. And just this morning, I reminded my husband to call that company with cheap car insurance. He said he already did and the company gave him the quotation. We were a client of this company for more than 8 years and so far, we liked the services that they offered. We also knew the importance of insuring our car because it provides protection should anything bad will happen to our vehicle.

Need To Rest...

Chloe was sick the other week and last week, it was my turn to feel ill. I got cough and cold and had a throbbing headache. It's been 2 weeks that I was not able to go out to relax and unwind, I even missed to shop some items during mall sale :-) But I know that health is more important. I definitely cannot concentrate buying things while I am not well. Yesterday, it was a holiday and we planned to go out in late afternoon. However, I fell asleep after our visitors went home, and I dozed off for a couple of hours. Apparently, I don't still feel well and I was only too glad that we didn't go out for I won't be recharged. I still have cold today but at least I felt better. I know there are still plenty of weekends to look forward to but I'll just have to cross my fingers that no one gets sick this time.

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Best Hair Care

Got any problem with your hair? Perhaps you're experiencing thinning of your hair or worst, premature balding. Some of you thought that this might be due to stress or perhaps, hereditary. But if you're so concern about this, try to click here because they offer what's best for your hair. You can see the best shampoo or treatment and maybe you'll find the best solution to your hair fall problem.

My Sensitive Skin

My skin is very sensitive and worst, part of my skin is oily and some parts are dry. I dislike it when I started to feel my skin in my upper chin is starting to crack. That's why until now, I still have a hard time looking for face moisturizers that suits my type of skin. I found one good product at the net but I hope this time it will work.

Derma Care

I received a call from my friend asking me if I'll go with her one of these days. She's planning to see a dermatologist to have her skin checked. She's quite vain, actually, but she doesn't want to suffer the same dilemma before that she was so desperate looking for treatment for acne until she finally met the right doctor for her. But since I cannot go with her, I promised her that I'll go with her sometime to have my skin checked, too.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Chloe's Progress

Last Friday, I went to Chloe's school for the Parent-Teacher Conference. Actually, it was just getting my daughter's report card and talk to the teacher if there was a certain aspect that my daughter needs to improve. Gladly, my daughter maintained her grades and I was told that her interpersonal relationship with her classmates improved. I know my daughter is smart (sorry if I sound like a braggart, haha) but I'm also concern of how she's coping her new school, her classmates, teachers and others and all I can say this time is that she's doing fine.
Chloe's report card. She got straight As in all her subjects for the 2nd Quarter.
1 A- is her Relationship with others but that's already very fine with me =)

As for her studies, I'm always proud of her achievements, her scores on her quizzes or quarter exams. However, I think she needs to work on her study habit coz she's a little bit lazy, hehe. I don't asked her to study if she has no quizzes or major exams and I don't mind her playing or sketching on her drawing board/paper if she has no assignments. But I do quite 'nag' her to study if there's a quiz, assignment, exams on certain days. If not, she won't bother at all. Sometimes, she just relied on her memory but I don't like that way, hehe.. Anyways, if there's no class, I let her be. I don't even want to enroll her in other tutorial class coz I don't want her to feel overloaded. I want her to enjoy her life. So, during weekends, she's free to use the computer, draw until she consumed all the paper and get tired, read whatever books she likes or play with her toys. But usually, every Saturday, Chloe and I go malling. I need to unwind, too, and it's our way of having a quality time together.

This is Chloe's latest pic. My little girl has grown up.
She looks quite different now especially with her 2 missing teeth =B

Zoe At 4 months

My baby Zoe turned 4 months last November 12 and boy she's getting heavier! I've been following doctor's order to reduce the scoop of her milk during nighttime coz she's way above her ideal weight. I hope she won't get that fat but I don't want her to look thin, too. Some times, she's such a good girl and it's easy for me to put her down to sleep. But there were times that she's so cranky that my shoulder ached after carrying her for several times for several minutes. Sometimes, I thought I might get paralyzed, hehe...kidding, though ;-)

But no matter how tired and messed up I've been after carrying her, my heart would just melt everytime she looked and smiled at me. It's hard to resist her. I really treasure this moment but still, I look forward for her to grow a little bigger where I won't be carrying her that much, hehe. I guess you moms out there understand how I feel :-p
Baby Zoe @ 4 mos with her cake bought by her grandma

Monday, November 15, 2010

There's Always Next Time

I just arrived home. I attended my daughter's activity at school. She was one of the contestants in Math Quiz Bee. She was excited but I was a bit apprehensive...or perhaps worried. I know Chloe is a smart girl and she's good in Math. And she always get flat A's in her report card in this subject. It's just that I know some of the contestants were currently enrolled at Kumon where it specializes Math and Reading...and I'm the only one teaching Chloe who is not so good in math, hehe.

Anyway, the rounds were categorized into Easy, Average and Difficult level. Chloe got perfect score on the easy and average level. However, she got 2 mistakes in difficult level thus disqualifying her on the clincher round level. But having reached the 3rd round was quite good already. I told her not to get discourage and the contest was just for fun. Gladly, she just took it lightly. She smiled to me and we hugged each other and I told her, 'It's Okay'. Well, there's always next time.

Friday, November 12, 2010

Ask Your Doctor

I've known a lot of people who are currently on strict diet. Some wanted to maintain their figure but some were really advised to lose weight that generic Phentermine were prescribed by their physician. This is actually a stimulant and that the craving for food is suppressed. Achieving the ideal weight can be readily achieved if combined with exercise and discipline, too!

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

My Princess Chloe Belle

My eldest daughter Chloe loves to wear her princess gowns. When she was 4 years old, her teacher asked her what she wants to be when she grows up and without hesitation, she said she wanted to be a Princess! Wow, who will be the lucky prince? hehe. A few years ago, a good friend of mine asked her to pose for her camera. That time, my friend was just starting her newfound hobby, photography. Now, she has her own studio and very much in demand.
Going back to Chloe, I guess some of my blogger friends saw this picture already but for those who did not, see her picture below:

Last year, Chloe's picture, where she donned her mermaid costume, was published in Disney Princess Magazine. This time again, her picture as Princess Belle is published at the same magazine for their November 2010 issue. If you don't have it yet, please do buy and you can see this picture I posted in here. Chloe was only 5 when she had this photo shoot..Now, she's already 7 years old, hehe. Below is the cover of the magazine for their November issue. If you wish to have your child's picture published in this magazine, just read their instruction and wait for your daughter's picture or drawings or letters to be published.

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Play With Me

I used to play badminton when I was a lot younger but soon stopped when we transferred to another place because I had no one to play with. This kind of sport needs to have a partner and I just can't play it by myself. Soon, I was into bowling. It was a better game because I can play it by my lone self if I wanted, too. However, I am not as good as my friends who won several bowling trophies and how I wish I were like them. That hobby soon faded but hopes to do it again, perhaps with my kids when they get a little bit older.

Thank You!

As early as now, I am already buying Christmas cards to send it to my friends and relatives across the globe. I also bought some photo cards so that I can include the pictures of our growing family. Since I had just baptized my baby last October, I bought several thank you cards to thank those people who witnessed my baby's baptism. Most of those people were my baby's godparents and I was so grateful for their presence on that memorable event.

Knock, Knock!

We have three bedrooms in our house but all of us, including our 2 kids, are sleeping at the master's bedroom. The other bedroom is used as our kids' playroom and the other one is a guest room. 2 of these rooms have problems with door knobs. We plan to replace it this weekend and hope we can find a durable one and don't lock by itself like what we currently have now.

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Zoe's Christening Day

@ San Antonio Church
Last October 24, 2010, I had my baby daughter baptized at San Antonio Church. Zoe had 12 godparents but 2 of them were not present and 2 were proxied or substituted by their spouses because of conflict of schedules and they just have to catch up later. Anyway, the baptism rite went well and my baby didn't cry when she was bathe by the priest with holy water.

@ Philtown Hotel
After the rites ended, we had lunch at Philtown Hotel. So far, the event was a success. Zoe was not cranky, everyone had a good meal and had a good time. To Zoe Ysabella, welcome to the Christian World!

All Saint's Day

Every year in our country, we celebrate November 1 as All Saint's Day and November 2 as All Soul's Day. November 1 is always declared a holiday because most people visit the grave of their loved ones. My family usually visit my dad's grave every November 1 and we stay there for quite awhile or during late afternoon and went home at night time. Some people are so used to put up a tent and sleep beside the grave overnight. That may be amusing to others but we're used to the practice of our fellowmen and we'll just respect them as long as they won't make a noise or make a mess. But my family always go home or find a place to dine and continue our conversation somewhere =)

But since I've a little tot this time, my husband and I thought of not staying so long at the cemetery as not to expose her, especially that we learned from the news that there might be a slight rain shower on that day. What is important is that I'll be able to visit my dad's grave, pray for him, see my other family and then go home ;-)

Diet Pill For You

I've mentioned in my other entry about a certain diet pill that will help you achieve your ideal weight. If you're struggling with your current size, another pill that might suit you is Lipofuze where it will help you lose weight. What is great about this product is that if it doesn't work for you, you can have it returned and it will be refunded to you. So, why don't you try it?

Make Me Glow

Before I got pregnant, I had a major problem on my skin particularly my face! I suffered mild acne and how I despised it! So every month, I had a facial scrub to cleanse my skin to keep it healthy. I asked my dermatologist for a natural acne cream and somehow it worked. But when I got pregnant, I stopped using it. Luckily, after I gave birth, mild acne didn't occur anymore. In fact, my skin is better and glowing these days than before. Perhaps this is the magic that they said after giving birth!

Skin Care

Most girls, especially teenagers, encounter big problems on their skin such as eczema. Sometimes, it is hereditary but most times, it is because the skin is unhealthy thus the damaged. But with constant care and treatment, everything can be fixed. You can see a dermatologist to give you the right prescription for your sensitive skin. Ask for the best product or right ingredients that suit the type of your sensitive skin as not to further the damage.

Body Fit!

Are you currently on a diet? Perhaps some of you go to the gym 2-3 times a week or perhaps some of you are on a strict diet. A good friend of mine is taking a certain diet pill to remove excess fats on her meal intake. But why not try phentermine diet pill, too? This is approved by FDA and helps you achieve your ideal weight better than exercising. Just use it accordingly and you will have a fit and fab bod!

Eye Love It!

Since I am not getting any younger, I tried my best to keep a healthy lifestyle. But I also consider in buying and using anti wrinkle eye cream to help me look good. Since my baby kept me awake at night, this cream protects my skin especially in the eye area. It somehow prevents crow's feet from showing and for that, I'm thankful!

Great Binoculars

A relative of mine is into Air soft sports. For him, it's a form of exercise and helped him released his stress. Although this kind of sport is more into action, he said it's fun and challenging. He made sure he had with him the right gear or gadgets and he thought of buying a new set of binoculars that will help him focus on his target. I told him about steiner binoculars that I found online and he was considering it. I'm sure he will never get wrong when purchasing this item because it's what he's exactly looking for!

Friday, October 29, 2010

Let's Stay Healthy!

My dad died of cancer. When he had experienced the symptoms earlier, he didn't see a doctor right away but only when it was too late. Cancer cell had spread, he went in and out of the hospital until finally, he got weak and eventually died. Sometimes, we have to be careful with what we eat, with our lifestyle and even to our surroundings. Deadly cancer diseases can be found with the exposure of asbestos, too, and if ever that can be found in your work area, it's best stay away from it and visit a doctor to have a thorough checkup and inquire about Mesothelioma diagnosis. This is just to make sure that you stay healthy and away from harm.

Protect Your Vehicle!

Every year, we make sure to renew our car insurance. This is for our own good and there are a lot of benefits that we could get something out from it. Having our vehicles insured protect them from any damages or problems that we might encounter in the future. If you own several vehicles or trailers or motorhome for personal use or business, it might be best for you to get a 5th wheel insurance. This will just serve as a protection than regret it later should anything happen to your vehicle...just a piece of advice!

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Make Me Warm

The weather is not so good in our place these days. It's very hot in the morning and all of a sudden, heavy rain pours in the afternoon. That's why when I wear my clothes in the morning, I look for something with thin fabric and when the afternoon comes, I look for thick clothings or put on a sweater if it's cold already. I thought of buying some cashmere sweaters that I found online because I find it useful when I go somewhere. My sweaters are already old and I guess buying something that will give me comfort, and with style, will suit me just fine.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Eye Need It!

My baby just turned 3 months and she still doesn't sleep straight at night - yet. She wakes up anytime at dawn to ask for milk and sometimes, I get so panicky when she cried so loud. At 5 o'clock in the morning, I need to be up, too, to prepare breakfast for everybody, most especially my eldest daughter who goes to school everyday at 7:15 am. So, imagine what I would look like as the day rises. I am now currently looking for best eye cream for dark circles so that despite my heavy schedule, I will still look fresh and alert. I don't want to look like a panda or zombie so best if I'll put on something as not to scare anybody out there.


My mom, who is in her 60's, is trying to look good and stay healthy. She's aware that at her age, she will have plenty of changes in her body. Although she's welcoming the challenge, she's hoping to age gracefully. She's aware of her crow's feet and shared to me things that might help me when it's my turn to experience such thing. I did my research about that and happen to read about eye wrinkle cream reviews, which I think is very helpful and informative. And I think it's best that I know the specific ingredients for the eye to make the cream effective and will aid in getting rid of the wrinkles, too.

Busy Me (^_^)

I'm quite busy these days because my baby Zoe will be baptized this coming Sunday. I've plenty things to do but I can hardly do it unless somebody's taking care of the baby. So, when my mom came to my house this afternoon, I took the chance in doing all things that needed to be done. Unfortunately, I was caught in a traffic then there was a heavy downpour of rain thus slowing me down. I have settled only a few things then I decided to go home. In fact, I only drove 20 kph because I could hardly see the road. So many things left undone and I hope this will be fixed by Friday. Good thing that I have already booked the Church and the Hotel for the reception. I'm crossing my fingers that everything will be in order to make Zoe's Christening day smooth and stress-free =)

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Tummy Tucked

My doctor told me that I will lose excess pounds 3 months after I gave birth. Three months had passed yet I still experienced heaviness in my body and I just can't wait when my bulging tummy disappears. I hardly wear jeans these days because it won't still fit me. I've researched online on how to get rid of stomach fat and I saw one helpful site. Perhaps I might try it because the effect is rapid and it is actually recommended by doctors. It's also tried and tested and it has a lot of benefits. And I hope that in a few months time, I can wear my clothes without getting too conscious of how I look.

Stay Healthy!

My mother-in-law who is in her 60's said she never fails to do brisk walking in the morning as a form of her exercise. But she also takes some vitamins or supplements to keep her up. She is in fact taking a diet supplement with acetyl l-carnitine. And I think this will benefit me also because this is not only good for the heart and brain but for other functions of the body as well. It will help me get energized especially that I have many chores to do at home and a baby to take care of. I think it's vital to all of us to give our body utmost importance to stay healthy, alert and physically fit.

Friday, October 15, 2010

Weight Reduction

After I gave birth, I had a hard time losing weight. Perhaps it will take time for my pre-pregnancy form to come back. But compared to my first pregnancy, I easily lose weight. If my weight will stay this way or go up, I might try taking a diet pill. A friend of mine was taking this certain pill and it was really effective. It may take some time to lose weight but once you've started it, it has a long term effect. I might try to buy phenphedrine because it's one of the solutions in losing weight and will help me remove some excess fats in my body. So, to all people who are on weight reduction, why don't you try this one, too?

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Congratulations Chloe!!!

Chloe's school is celebrating English Week and yesterday, she was one of the contestants in Smart Talk Contest. Their school has only sections for grade one. And in every section, there were only 3 representatives for this particular contest. They had their elimination round in their section prior to joining the year level contest.

9 pupils were given a situational question that they have to answer and Chloe was one of them. Of course, they were judged how they were able to comprehend and answer the question. And when it was Chloe's turn, she was asked a question like this: "You saw your classmate stole something, what will you do and why?". My daughter answered: "I will tell my classmate to return it to the owner because stealing is bad".

For us, it was an easy question. But we have to think that those kids are still in grade one. In fact, there were some questions asked that even, I, myself was quite confused.

Anyways, to set the story straight, Chloe won the First Place and I was so elated!!! Too bad I was not able to bring the camera with me for I thought we were not allowed to watch them. But I made sure I took a picture of her donning her medal when she arrived home from school =)

Again, congratulations to my dear anak, Chloe! You don't know how proud we are of you! ♥♥♥

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Halloween Month

It's already October, the 10th month of the year. My 2 older brothers, my sister-in-law, my cousins and an uncle are celebrating their birthdays this month. I'm also thinking of Halloween every time this month arrives. When Chloe was in pre-school, she enjoyed celebrating Halloween with her teachers and classmates. Now, I don't know what's in store at their school. They didn't say anything. All I know is that they are to celebrate United Nations Day on the 24th.

Talking about Halloween, I was too surprised to see Chloe's English test result. Her teacher marked her answer wrong to think it was right. The question was: "Halloween comes in______" wherein she would write the correct month. Chloe answered October and her teacher crossed it out and put her own answer which was November. Huh? Perhaps it was an honest mistake but I won't let this escape her. Chloe could've gotten perfect but because of that, she got 1 mistake. Hey, 1 mistake is okay with me, it's a great score already! But giving the students the wrong answer is not okay with me. Her teacher needs to be corrected.

Being the stage mother as I am (^_^), I wrote her English teacher a letter instead (since I cannot go to Chloe's school easily as I used to because of the baby). I requested politely to review my daughter's paper and at the same time, corrected the error she made. I also attached the researched I made on the internet. And for your information, that was the 2nd time I wrote her a letter because she also marked Chloe's answer wrong in her book even though it was correct.

I know we are just humans bound to commit mistakes but sometimes, we should be extra careful especially if we are teachers in a school known for its good reputation. If the teacher they hire is not always careful, then their reputation might be marred just because of ones carelessness.

Green Is Great

One of the malls here in our city encouraged shoppers to bring with them their green bag every Wednesday. It is tagged as the green shopping day as a way to economize and support the environment as well. Anyways, some buyers opted to shop online because a lot of great deals can be found. Shoppers can also choose which of the available products they wanted to purchase, not to mention less hassle in acquiring it compared to traveling to the store yet the product is no longer available. So, if you're a busy person, perhaps buying online is a good option for you.

Fit And Fab!

Are you currently having a weight problem because you feel you are too curvy or quite large in size compared to others? I don't think you need to fret over this anymore because what matters most is how you carry yourself. Just make sure you wear the right size in anything you wear and I am pretty sure you will look good on it. Finding a plus size lingerie isn't that hard these days because it's available online or probably even at the store near you. And don't forget that confidence is the key to make you look good!

Friday, October 8, 2010

Protect Your Car

We have been using the same car for several years already and so far, it still served us well. We always have our car checked and if ever there's a problem, we had it fixed right away. Every year, we also renew our contract with the same car insurance to make sure our car is protected in case we might encounter some unavoidable incidents or accidents, God forbid. Despite the costs, my husband and I agreed that this is a necessary thing to do or we might end up regretting it should anything happen to our car.

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Cough and Cold

Chloe has a cough and cold since yesterday and just today, I woke up having a sore throat. This afternoon, my head ached so I decided to drink medicine right away. So far, I felt better but I am still hoping that this would not progress to cough and cold because I still need to take care of Zoe. At Chloe's school, I've learned that some of her schoolmates contracted sore eyes. I told Chloe to refrain from those kids for the meantime because the virus is contagious. And since Zoe is still very small, I just can't allow those kind of illnesses to occur in our house because the baby's immune system is still weak. So for precautions, we avoid going out to public places, especially that the weather is quite bad these days, and also refrain from getting near to people with existing illnesses...

Sleeping Beauty

When we transferred to our new place, only our master's bedroom has a bed but the other rooms have none yet. So, after we arranged our things and almost everything was settled, we decided to buy another bed. It was so timely because we saw one dealer that has a mattress for sale and we didn't think twice of buying it right away. Now, if you don't see us sleeping in our master's bedroom, my kids and I can be found sleeping comfortably on the mattress at our other room.

Sky's The Limit!

Due to the nature of his work, my husband often travels to attend seminars. I remember last time when he had to be away for a month, he was booking flights so often just to be able to come every weekend to check on us. Just imagine the cost of plane fares today so it's just fortunate that he was able to avail of good flight deals especially when booking in advance. Because of that experience, we plan to go on vacation summer next year by availing this great air deals.

Work Ahead of Time

I used to work in an Industrial firm before. The company I worked for was engaged in production of large industrial coils for exportation. In order to maintain high quality standards in the finished product, the company went into purchasing Industrial computers. These computers were actually different from the standard computers you see in the backroom or office since they were more involved in the production side of the company. They were also much bigger in size and would take up the space of a small room. Regardless, investing on them was a wise decision, as we found out later, since these equipment would greatly benefit the company not only in terms of quality assurance but also in getting the job done way ahead of schedule.

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Not At Peace

I am supposed to go to sleep right now but I can't so I decided to go on blogging. Okay, I have a new helper at home for about 2 weeks already. And it's really hard to adjust with someone you don't know. To be honest, I don't want them around. But family/relatives are concerned of my well-being especially that I have a baby plus Chloe. For me, I think it's okay to hire someone who will just do our laundry and iron our clothes then leave me in peace. Because right now, our stay-in helper can't be trusted. She do the laundry and ironing but I ended up doing it again coz clothes are still crumpled. But what I despised the most is that I always caught her lying..but it's hard for her to escape me. She ended up telling the truth after I interrogated her.

Today, it's her day off. She promised to be back by 6pm but actually arrived by 10:00pm. I asked her where she'd been. I would've just considered her reasons but it somehow raised my eyebrow. She said that my brother's helper held her up and that was the reason why she came home late. She didn't know that I called at my brother's house and I was told by the helper that she already left at 5pm. When I told her about that, she apologized for lying.

Then, I also told her that while she was gone, I went to the guest room (where she slept) and found my bag and my sterling silver ring hidden in her cabinet. I could tell she was shocked when I found out. She tried not to wince. I told her in a calm manner but warned her that I don't want this to happen ever again and that she's not allowed to get any of my things even though I'm not currently using it. Right now, I am actually thinking of letting her go. I don't trust her and I'm really pissed off with her lies. It may be hard as of the moment if we don't have help but it's hard for me to allow someone to live with us with a bad attitude. Before I went to our bedroom, I secured some of our things at the living room to make sure she won't get it should she think of leaving. So you see, even at my own home, I'm not at peace anymore...

Friday, October 1, 2010

Time Management

It's currently 7:45 am in my clock and I took this opportunity to blog while baby Zoe went back to her sleep. My eldest daughter, Chloe, went to school around 7:25 am and it was her dad who drove her. Usually, I wanted her to go out of the house by 7:15 am to avoid traffic and my husband will still have time to prepare himself for work. But starting last Wednesday, it was Chloe's 2nd Quarter exam so their class started at 8:00 am and she will be home by 10:00 am instead of 11:45 am.

Ok, so I'm mostly talking about the time here. After I gave birth to Zoe, my sleeping habit was quite erratic. Gladly, Zoe's sleeping pattern gradually changed so instead of waking up every 3 hours, it's now stretch to 4 or very rarely, 5 hours. I expect more changes when she's on her 3rd month, hehe. Since our maid left, we hired a new one but I made sure to wake up early because if I don't, she will wake up very late (as i mostly experienced). So, I am now waking up at 5 o'clock in the morning and helped prepare food for breakfast. By 6 am, Chloe is already awake (with the help of her alarm clock) and I joined her for breakfast. It's our bonding moment. Sometimes, Zoe is awake at this hour but sometimes, still asleep. My husband and I made an agreement in taking turns of feeding the baby. This is very important because there's still Chloe that we have to attend to. At night, I easily dozed off. But sometimes, I read a book before finally going off to dreamland =)

Right now, I am waiting for Zoe to wake up so that I can give her a bath. It's really me who's taking care of her and not anybody else as what others are usually practicing. I didn't hire a yaya and even though our maid told me she knows how to take care of the baby, I did not ask her to do so. I made sure that my baby is well taken care of. Besides, hygiene is also one issue that I need to discuss with our house help. I seem can't take her smell even though I told our her to take a bath daily. I asked her politely, though, but it seems she don't get it. My husband is bothered most of all, haha. He told me to buy her a deodorant or give her cologne just to get rid of that unpleasant smell..

Going back to my kids and the time, yeah I don't get enough sleep but as long as I know my kids are safe and my family's well taken cared of, then that's ok. At least I lack sleep not because of worrying but by attending to my family's needs.

Friday, September 24, 2010

Music Is Good For Babies

As I am writing this blog, my baby Zoe is fast asleep while listening to my classical music collection. I always believed that music has a good influence on babies and has a powerful effect on their emotions and intellect. I have researched before that music can affect the way a person thinks and it's possible that babies grow up to be musically-inclined. I've read, too, that when a child is exposed to music earlier, it can help improve their reasoning thus they are good in solving a puzzle. I find it quite true because this is what I've experienced with my eldest daughter, Chloe, who is now 7 years old and is very musically-inclined and not to brag, but quite an achiever at school.

But of course, I don't rely in music only. Encouragement and follow-up matters. We have to motivate our kids so that they will continue in excelling where they're good at. Once we know that they are good in that certain aspect, we don't stop but continue to check on them, praise them and guide them if needed. Music may influenced them but if it's combined with our love, care and understanding, then our kids will have a balance or stable emotions, reasoning and inter-relationship skills.

I am sharing this hoping that other parents or parents-to-be will get something out from my experience. Even when I was pregnant with Chloe and Zoe, I listened to music because I believe babies can hear it while they were still in my tummy. Sometimes, I placed a headphone in my tummy for them to really hear the music that I wanted them to listen.

Just make sure that you don't let your babies listen to noisy or loud music because it might damage their hearing. You can also sing lullabies to the babies because it can somehow soothe them. I also let my kids listen to Psalty's Praise and Worship songs. It's really great for them and they will learn a lot of good things out from that collection since it's a Christian music. I've noticed that Zoe stopped being cranky if 'Amen, Praise the Lord' is being played. Perhaps it's her favorite song =)

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Skin Care

Our skin is the first line of defense in our body. Microorganisms can easily penetrate if we don't take good care of our skin so, it needs to be protected. Other than taking vitamins, it's good to put on some lotion or oil to keep our skin soft and smooth.

After I wash my body at night, I put on some body oil to keep my skin healthy and not rough to touch, plus it gives me a relaxing feeling after doing so. My 7 year old daughter told me she wants her skin to glow that she's the one who is always using my Beautiful body oil for she also likes the scent. Since it's almost empty, I might try to purchase Angel body oil as recommended by my friend. I can even purchase it online, 1/2 dram vials for $2 only. With this price, I am thinking to get for more!

Cranky Zoe

Zoe was quite cranky yesterday. After I fed her milk, she was still crying. I tried giving her more but her tongue pushed it out. I thought she might be a colic baby but she had burped and even released some air *><* I decided to rock her coz she was a little bit sleepy but she was restless. I kept changing to different positions until I, myself, got tired. I decided to put her on her crib, but her cries became louder. I transferred her to our bed, still she cried. I let her be... at the same time, I tried talking to her... And she listened and looked at me. Then, she smiled...
It was like magic, because her smile released all my stress. I got energized again. I felt for my baby as she was so helpless for I don't know what she wanted me to do with her. She was responding to me, as if she understood what I was trying to say. She do like this for several weeks already, talking something to me and I answered as if we were conversing. After that, my most awaited part finally came - she fell asleep!

I guess she was just feeling cranky before going to sleep. Babies (or even bigger kids!) are like that so we, parents, should be more understanding and patient about it. I am just thankful that she's fine and healthy and nothing serious has been noted.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Traveling By Car

Whenever we go on travel, my family would always prefer riding it out in our own car. Especially if the kids go with us, we find it a lot safer and more comfortable at the same time as we can travel at our own speed and can stop whenever we like. However, we would have to make sure that the vehicle is in top condition before each trip. One thing to look out for is the check engine light since this would indicate if there's a need for auto repair. Having all these thorough checkups will ensure a smooth and worry free travel.

Now that the family is growing and since both my husband and me can drive, we are seriously considering buying another car. This, so that my husband can use one when he goes to work while I can use the other for driving my daughter to school. If our budget will allow it, I would really prefer a Toyota Camry as it is quite spacious, has a sturdy body, and runs smoothly being a sedan. Well, maybe coz' our existing car is also a Toyota, which, I'm glad to say, is still in mint condition after years of service.

Where are my Reader's Digest Copies?

I am an avid reader of Reader's Digest. I've been a subscriber of this book-magazine since 2007. However, our local distributor in the City is always late in delivering my copy and worst, these past 2 months I didn't receive any at all! They told me that my name was on their master list but where was my copy? They wanted me to take somebody else's copy as a replacement (as they usually practiced) but I was opposed to it. That's not mine! Prior to this hullabaloo, me and my mom (who's also a subscriber) get our copies from their office to make sure we really have it on time. We don't trust them that much even if they have a crew who delivers our subscription, it would take an eternity for our mags to arrive.

Much to my dismay and frustration, I was finally fed up. I decided to send an email to Reader's Digest's customer service. I was fuming mad while I wrote my missive just to express my disappointed on Capitan Marketing or Numinous (name of the distributor) located near Pabayo Borja/Gomez or fronting Wadhu's. This company is really unreliable and everytime I go to their office, people working there were so slow, lousy and don't even render good customer services. I've heard that the owner has bad attitude, that's what their workers say. But then, the workers were lazy, too! I don't even care if I mentioned their company here and this is just a warning to others. So, off I wrote and sent my email after warning them of my next step. I told RD that I might be compelled to stop my subscription next year because I don't get my copy anyway, the mere fact that I paid in full for one year.

Customer service replied to me right away and asked for my contact numbers. A few minutes later, I received their call. I reiterated my story and they asked for an apology for the inconvenience that it cost me. They promised to send me a replacement of my two missing issues and it might arrive this week. They asked my permission if they could send it starting November via PO box in our local post office. I said that would be okay as long as I get my copy. The other end was thankful that I sounded calm already and again asked for another apology.

I don't know if they are partly at fault but by attending to my concern somehow mellowed me down. At least they have heard my woes and promised to replace my 2 missing copies, that's all that matters now. So, to any of you who experienced the same dilemma, better contact and report it to the main office rather than do nothing at all.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Comfy Beddings

Our new home has 3 bedrooms. But only the master bedroom is usually occupied since my kids are still very young that they sleep together with us. I always make sure to change the bed linens from time to time in order to make our bed a lot comfortable and very conducive for sleeping.

Speaking of which, I plan on buying some new sheets or perhaps a chenille bedspread because ours is quite old, not to mention a little bit worn. It may be time for a change, don't you think?

I'm thinking of adding a yellow comforter or a polka dot comforter to make our bedroom look more lively and less boring. My kids will surely love these, especially my 2-month old baby, since they would look so pleasing and colorful to the eye. Besides, these items can be purchased conveniently online.

Monday, September 20, 2010

Dark Saturday

We had a heavy rain last Saturday afternoon. I took my baby from her crib because of the heavy downpour of the rain and the sound of thunder puzzled her. Chloe was scared, too, that she kept on covering her ears with her both hands. Worst, we lost current. Lightning strike here and there. The current returned few minutes later and from our room, we went to the living room. My husband decided to prepare us bread with hotdog as our snacks. Just after we finished eating it, we heard something strange before our current got lost again. The rain did not stop yet but there was less lightning and the sound of the thunder was minimized. Much to our surprised, our neighbors have current while we don't! My husband checked our electrical wiring and found there was nothing wrong with the fuse. But when he checked our meter, it was burned! Glad there was no fire on it. We reported our situation to our local electric company and asked them for assistance. We were told that they would fix it as soon as the rain stop. That happened at around 5:30 pm. At 8 o'clock, we called again but got the same answer. We used our inverter to be able to use one electric fan and one light. However, the battery gave in so we borrowed our FIL's battery. We called the electric company again at 10 p.m. because the rain already subsided. They said they will resolve the problem by night but their crew was out to fix first the place where majority of the electrical lines where damaged. After that, they will come to our residence. That was their promise to us and assured me that they have a 24 hour service. We told them we will wait for them no matter what time. I was worried for my kids especially my 2-month-old baby. We decided to sleep at our living room so for easy access on the electric fan and the light and we can easily hear someone knocking outside our house. We put Zoe to her crib and amazingly, she was deep in her sleep. Although she woke up for her time to drink milk, after a few minutes she went back to her sleep. Chloe was complaining of the mosquito disturbing her, so, we set the fan high even though it was cold because of the rain. We decided to go to sleep but by 2pm, our borrowed battery was drained so we ended up having no light and no fan. I used our rechargeable fan for Chloe and use a candle for us to see. My baby woke up for her milk and I could hardly see. My husband decided to use the battery of his car. Gladly, our garage is just outside our living room so it was easy for him to connect the inverter. I called the electric company again and told him my woes. Told him I could hardly see and that my 2 month old baby was too cranky already (I exaggerated this part (",)). The man on the other line said that they will really fixed it. Minutes later, the crew arrived and the man I talked to called me again to check if his men arrived so that my problem is resolved. I thanked him.

The crew checked the problem and indeed our meter was damaged and we need to buy a meter based first and have the electrician install it because they could put on a new meter. In other words, we'll be spending no light until morning or even afternoon. We have no choice but to wait for the morning to arrive. My in laws were telling us to go to their place to spend the rest of the night but it was already in the wee hour of the morning. We decided to stay at home because my kids were deep in their sleep...

At around 6:30 am, an electrician came and offered to render his services but we need a few bucks to spend for the new meter base. We were restless and it was Sunday and we want to have current! So, the man started working on our problem at around 8:30 am. This time, me and my daughters went to my in-laws' place. I made sure they took a bath so that I would have less to bring. My husband stayed at home. He didn't have a good sleep but he wanted so badly to fix everything before another night comes. The electric company put a new meter on the meter based past 3 o'clock and voila! We finally had a light and I was so eager to go home!

We were just too glad that nothing bad happened to us, to our family and also on our gadgets here at home. My mother's and brother's PC were destroyed, others have different problems on their wirings but overall, glad that nothing serious happened to us. So last night, instead of surfing the net or whatever, all of us ended up sleeping very early. Glad the the baby slept longer last night, too! Such a good girl :D

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Zoe's 2nd Month

Ate Chloe and Baby Zoe

My baby Zoe Ysabella turned 2 months old last Sunday, September 12, 2010. Well, she's getting bigger and a bit heavier now. She can see us from afar, and slowly turns her head to look for us. She's very attentive when we talk to her and she usually responds, as if she understands what we are talking about (she sounds like a cat purring, hehe). She still wakes up at dawn but so far, she sleeps a little bit longer now compared before. Her pediatrician said that about 3months, she will sleep at night for a long time and I can hardly wait for that to come!

On her second month, we just did the same thing as before - picture taking :D My MIL bought a cake because Chloe called her to buy it for her baby sister :-) See pics & video below:

Morning of September 12, 2010

short video of Zoe

Thursday, September 9, 2010

My Blog is Now a Domain

Hello blogger friends out there. Please be informed that my blog is now a domain. The url is changed from cookieorteza.blogspot.com to cookiescorner.com. Kindly change it in your bloglist, too. I've been pondering about buying a domain for many months but it's only now that I have finally bought the idea. I hope I'll be off to a good start as I venture into another world of blogging or whatevah, hehehe..

Rock Toon Fest

Chloe wanted to join Toon Fest Modeling contest held last September 4. To join, she has to buy Toon Fest apparel worth P500 single receipt. I didn't buy her an outfit because I was hesitant to have her join. My daughter is more of a singer than a dancer/model, you know, hehe. But she was interested so she told my MIL, her grandma, and bought her an outfit the following day. I didn't go with them so it was my MIL who chose clothes for Chloe to wear including her shoes. Chloe's actually not after winning the contest. I didn't even tell her that only 20 kids will be chosen and be given a prize so that she will just have fun on stage, but all the participants has a chance to show off their modeling skills - and that's what Chloe only wanted, to be on the stage!

Waiting for her turn (rockstar sign); with her friend, Alexa, on the stage

Chloe was not chosen among the top 20 kids but she was happy with her modeling experience. There were plenty of kids (100 of them actually) and most of them were really cute. What we overlook was the theme. We didn't know that kids should look like a rockstar and what Chloe wore was kind of formal, hehe. My sister in law and I watched the presentation and we were glad it was over because we were so tired. Top 20 kids were told to stay for another round of modeling on the stage. We were there at 11am and left at around 5pm, so, I was kind of glad that we would go home coz I need to check on baby Zoe, too. What was important was that Chloe had a great time and learn something from that experience, I guess :D

Question and Answer Portion

Modeling on the stage, hehe :p

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Be On Guard

I have no house help again this time. I think she ran off with her boyfriend. She went home last Saturday and promised to be back by Monday but she never returned. She never even bothered to call just to inform if she's coming back or not the way she used to do before. Ever since she had a cellphone, she was beginning to be a pain in the ass but I tolerated her. She was good to me for the first 2 months and on the 3rd month, she became lazy and spent most of her time talking over her phone. Even have the guts to lie to me that she was only talking to her cousin. She never wakes up early and I became her alarm clock, knocking her door to wake her up. When it was her schedule to do some chores, she did it in the afternoon so that she can spend a lot of time talking to her boyfriend at her cellphone while I was busy taking care of the baby. Okay, fine, she went home and never returned. I just hope she told me the truth for I was never strict on her.

So many times my house help went home but most of them informed me ahead if they won't come back. I'm used to have no maid anyway, it's just that this time, I have a baby to take care of and worry about Chloe's safety at school. I'm just too glad that Chloe's quite big now but she's still 7 years old, and I can't help to imagine that somebody might harm her. My helper usually go to school at lunch to watch over Chloe while waiting for my hubby to fetch them. Now, I've to trust the school and their guard not to let Chloe go out of the campus if her dad won't pick her up yet. Still I'm afraid... that's why I kept telling my daughter never go with strangers.. and now that my helper is not coming back, I told her never go with the helper if ever Chloe's sees her there. And I will just pray that no harm will come on her way and that she will be safe when I cannot be with her. I how I wish I could still drive and fetch her to school the way I used to but I can't this time because I've a 2 month old baby that needs my care at home. I'll just pray for Chloe's safety and I hope to resolve everything by this week...

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Baby Update

Hi guys! Was missing in action again :p Actually, I've been visiting my blog almost everyday and I have so many things to share in this blog until everything's mixed up in my head and in the end, I don't have anything to write, hehe. Well, I'm quite busy doing the mommy thing. My baby, Zoe, is already past her first month and she's really keeping me busy. I've to wake up about 3x from midnight til morn to feed her and put her down to sleep. I'm trying to catch up with my sleep, too, and that's why I rarely do blogging or surfing in the evening coz I'm very sleepy when the clock strikes at 8 or 9 o'clock --- I easily dozed off... However, taking care of the baby for the 2nd time is manageable unlike my experience with Chloe that I ended up looking like a zombie. This time, it's easier but I now have a problem with my weight especially on how to get rid on my flabby tummy :-( My doctor says I've to wait for about 3mos to return to my pre-pregnancy form but I'm doubting it... Guess I need to back it up with exercise and lessen my food intake because I really love to eat these days, hehe.

Sharing to you some pictures of my little ones:

Chloe with newborn Zoe

Zoe's 1st month (Taken last August 12, 2010)

Chloe's School Update

Last August 20, 2010, I went to Chloe's school for a Parent Teacher Conference. Parents were asked to go to school to get their child's report card and talk to their adviser for some updates. I went there in the morning and so far, I got a very positive feedback on Chloe. Her adviser told me that Chloe's got a very good penmanship and creative, as she's very good in drawing in coloring. Actually, her preschool teachers already mentioned this to me so her comment was just an affirmation that she's good in that aspect. Her grade 1 adviser's only concern was that Chloe only had few friends at school, in fact, she thought she's aloof. But of late, she was glad that she gained few friends when she (the teacher) reshuffled them in their seats. I told the teacher that Chloe's a sensitive girl. When somebody's trying to bully her, she doesn't want to be near that child again. But I know my daughter very well. She's not a silent type but perhaps she became quiet when her teacher's around because she's a pleaser, hehe. She was aiming to get 20 super tickets that her teacher will mark on her notebook because she will be given a prize --- and she really got it! :p

But I won't deny that my child's a little bit choosy with friends and she can really live by her own self. She better draw or make some sketches than to play with others and ended up bickering. Still, I encouraged Chloe to be friends with others but not to follow the bad manners :-)

After I received her report card, I got a very big grin on my face :D. I'm proud to say that my daughter has maintained her good grades even now that she's in grade one and in a new school. She got straight A's in all her subject (Filipino, English, Math, Science, Civics or Sibika and Computer) the mere fact that I don't even pressure her to study everyday. I still find playing, napping and relaxing a very vital aspect in Chloe's life apart from studying. Her 2 A minuses were not academically related/graded so, I can say that my daughter's life is normal. It would be too hard to believe that she has no flaws at all, I want her to have fun or enjoy her childhood. As a proud mommy, I've scanned her report card that you can see below :D
The following day, Chloe and I went out for a short while and asked her what she wanted to get as a reward. She only wanted to buy the hat that she saw at the mall with a very cheap price so I bought it, hehe. Kids are really not that hard to deal with :D :D

Chloe's Report Card for the First Grading (click to zoom):

Monday, August 30, 2010

Safe At Home

There's no class and work today because it's National Heroes Day. But we just stayed home. We have not yet bring Zoe anywhere apart from her appointment with her pediatrician. Same with Chloe, I don't bring the baby out if she's not yet baptized and less than 3 months. It's just our practice. I discourage bringing the baby to the mall because she is still susceptible to any illness. She still has plenty of vaccines to receive. I can only bring her when we go to church then go home. Perhaps when she's about 4 or 6 months old, we can bring her anywhere with us as long as we don't stay out for long.

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Chloe's 7th Birthday

Last July 18, 2010, Chloe celebrated her 7th birthday. But weeks before, I told her that she will have a simple birthday because I was already scheduled to give birth via C/S on July 12. Chloe's birthday in previous years were mostly held either at school or at the hotel, and sometimes, we hire a mascot to complete the program. But this time, I let her understand that it will be different. She agreed to celebrate it at our home but she made sure that she will have Lechon, invite some friends and she will have a Hannah Montana-theme party (whaaaat?!!). Good thing that my mom, who was about to come home from the US, was able to buy her a wig. My in laws don't want Chloe to feel inferior also, especially that she's going to have a baby sister, decided to take care of the food. My brother, who works at Coca-cola, took care of the drinks, my mom for the cake and my sister-in-law, Bogie, took charge of the invitations, programs and prizes for the kids. God bless them all! I was left only to arrange our place and entertain the visitors, hehehe =)
Below are some of the pics taken during her b-day:

Chloe Montana strikes a pose!

Chloe's yummy cake

Chloe's friends, cousins and neighbors in their funny pose :p

Saturday, August 28, 2010


Today is Cagayan de Oro City's Fiesta. I'm pretty sure that the street will be busy these days and most especially the malls. However, in our place, it looks deserted. Since we don't live at the heart of the City anymore, our place here is just a normal day. Maybe some of our neighbors will have their own preparation at home. As for us, we didn't plan anything. I was just hoping to eat a chocolate cake, hehe. Chloe, however, asked her grandma (my MIL) to buy her a cake because it's fiesta. At first, she refused but in the end, she bought a cake for Chloe :D
Our patron saint in Cagayan de Oro is St. Augustine that's why our fiesta is celebrated every August 28. I hope others will have a great fiesta today...

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Take A Break...

Went to SM mall today with Chloe. It's our date and my hubby told me to take a break and bring Chloe with me. I think I really deserve a short break from watching over the baby 24/7. I just bought stuff for Chloe and for the baby. Then, we had our snack at KFC, Chloe's favorite. I was tempted to buy books and collect Percy Jackson series because it was about 30-40% off at National Bookstore. But I didn't push thru. I have read the book anyways when my friend lent me her books. I was just hoping to buy it to pass it on to my kids. However, book is not a priority this time.. Perhaps some other time...

Friday, August 20, 2010

Off To Pediatrician

We brought Chloe and Zoe to their pediatrician today. Zoe is scheduled to receive her 2nd dose of HepB and Chloe for her Adacel, which is by the way expensive. The doctor usually had a hard time giving Chloe a vaccine because she has so many excuses. It's obvious that she doesn't like injection but she can be convinced, only it takes for quite awhile. This time, Zoe had her first shot. She cried a little but was easily soothe. Then, it was Chloe's turn. Challenged from her baby sister, Chloe was the one telling the doctor and her assistant to give her a shot right away. And in just a few seconds, it was finish and Chloe was even smiling and said that she's really brave (*wink*wink). I hope Chloe will maintain this kind of attitude because she will receive her next vaccine one year from now.

Parent Teacher Conference

Need to go to school today for the Parent Teacher Conference. Card will be distributed and need to update about my daughter's performance or socialization at school. Since it's a Friday, I asked my husband if he could go on leave in the morning only so that somebody can look after Zoe. Chloe don't have class but she's manageable already so, no fret about her. Glad that my hubby took a time off because he wanted me to go see Chloe's teachers, too, and know about how she's coping at school. Gotta go now!

Monday, August 16, 2010

Family Is The Best

My hubby's in Davao City today until tomorrow so I'll be the one to pick Chloe up at school. I asked our house helper to look after Zoe while I'll be out for about 10-15minutes, depending on the traffic. Times like this, I'll just have to trust our helper to think she's only good in taking care of the house. I've always been a hands on mom to my kids and other than myself, I only trust my relatives in leaving the baby for a long time. But if there's no family member around, then that's the time that I have to trust somebody else but pray hard that no harm will come on my kids' way...

Monday, August 9, 2010

40th Anniversary

If my dad were still alive today, it would have been his and my mom's 40th wedding anniversary. But he passed away almost 10 years ago. It would've been great to see my parents renewed their vows and we, their children and grandchildren, witness their pledge of love. Despite my dad's absence, I greeted my mom a happy wedding anniversary. I'm sure my mom missed him but life goes on. We're just too glad that my mom's still around with us...

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Meet Zoe Ysabella!

Hello everyone! Let me share with you the good news. I already gave birth last July 12, 2010 via cesarean section to a healthy baby girl. I checked in @ 7 am on that day at the hospital and was at the operating table at 2 pm. Baby was out at 2:53 pm. My husband was my only watcher but relatives dropped by to visit and also my little girl Chloe. I stayed at the hospital for only 2 days. We discharged on a Wednesday afternoon.

Ok, about the baby's details, we named her Zoe Ysabella. Zoe means Life. Ysabella (Isabella, initially), which means my God is a vow, was chosen by Chloe. She weighed about 6 lbs and 9 oz. I decided to have C/S operation because I had a terrible labor during my first pregnancy. Besides, I had placenta previa on my 5th to 7th month of pregnancy. Anyway, I'm better these days compared before. Below are the pictures of our new bundle of joy.

L: Zoe Ysabella; R: having her cord care

L: with mommy Cookie; R: with Daddy Glenn

More stories of birth and labor at Chat Time with Mommy Cookie and My Girl :-)

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Happy Birthday Chloe!

Just wanna greet Chloe a happy 7th birthday today. We're going to celebrate it at home this afternoon. Her Tita Bogie made the invitation card that looks like this.

I hope she will have fun this afternoon as I can't give much of my time for her coz I'll be watching over the baby.

To Chloe, happy birthday my love. You will always be a princess in my eyes. I'm proud of you and I'll always pray for your happiness, for good health and that you will be guided to the right path. Your dad and I are always thankful that you came to our lives!

Friday, July 9, 2010

Ready For Birth

(From Chat Time With Mommy Cookie)

I have already packed most of the things needed at the hospital. I am now set for a C/S operation this coming Monday, July 12. I pray I will not get sick so that my schedule will proceed as is. My first pregnancy was okay until on the date of my delivery. I had a terrible labor which lasted for several hours and I had no sleep at night at all. Obviously, I don't have that power and strength to deliver my baby naturally. It turned out that the baby was too big for me and I only progressed up to 2 cm only. My bag of water did not even break and I had only spotting for a few days before my due date.

This time, I have already conditioned my mind that I will be on C/S again. The advantage for this is that I can choose which date I want to give birth and I will not undergo another terrible labor again. Besides, my pregnancy this time was quite different from the first. I had placenta previa on my 5th-7th months so, natural delivery is not anymore my option. The disadvantage is, C/S is much expensive and will take me a few days at the hospital before I can come home. Plus, I have to endure the pain and take care of the scar again...

Well, this is it! I have barely 3 days left and I'm gonna be back at the operation table. Pray for me then, for my safe delivery and for a normal and healthy baby. Oh, the doctor still stick to her findings. The gender of the baby is a girl and that made my big girl, Chloe, to be very happy...

Few More Days To Go...

I have few more days left before I am sked for C/S. Currently, I've experienced Braxton Hicks contraction, a mild cramping. It's actually a false labor but quite a discomfort. My husband, who was away for more than 3 weeks now for his training in Manila, will arrive on July 10 and I will be admitted to the hospital on Monday, July 12. I have also prepared things that I needed to bring at the hospital and I hope everything is in place now... I'm on the nesting stage, too. I love to sleep anytime of the day... except during hot, humid afternoon! But other than that, I love sleeping :) I guess it's just a natural phase for any pregnant women to experience this especially on the last trimester. I guess this is it for now. I hope to post pictures of the baby in here after I give birth.

Just a favor: please include me and the baby in your prayers, will yah? Thanks a million for that ;-)

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Kitty Cat!

This is my daughter's drawing. She used paint program at the computer to draw or create objects. If she's not sketching at the paper or her magic board, this is what she's doing. I really find it cute. I don't even know how to do it, hehe.

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Looking Forward

I had a hard time sleeping at night because of my bulging tummy. It's hard for me to turn side to side and it really took me a lot of effort to do it. Sometimes, I ask Chloe to push or help me to turn over. She's also the one helping me to get up when I she saw me struggling. Since my husband's not yet around, that's what usually happen to us here. At night, I made sure to put a chair at my bedside to help me stand up at dawn whenever I need to pee... One more week at this will be over...

Friday, July 2, 2010

Oxis International

Have you heard about Oxis International? This company helps in counteracting harmful effects of oxidative stress with anti-aging benefits. They do this thru research and studies and the development of penny stock products to help treat the effects of oxidative stress.

Oxidative stress is the presence of oxygen free radicals, which are generated by various stressants like tobacco and alcohol. It refers to the situation in which the body’s antioxidant and other defensive abilities to combat free radicals are overwhelmed and putting one's health in danger. Glutathione is considered the primary antioxidant. For learn more about oxidative stress and Oxis Internation, you can visit them at their website or check Oxis on facebook!

Candy Gift

My daughter went with her aunt today. She was invited to a birthday party and my sister in law brought her there. I was almost panicky for I have not prepare a gift for the celebrant. Good thing that I stock some candies and goodies. I made it as a candy gift, wrap it with beautiful paper and put it inside the box and it sure look wonderful. I just hope the celebrant will like it. If you want to get an idea about Candy gift, you can visit Shopwiki and you can even shop in there. They offer great products from kids apparel to adult's footwear to music and everything else you can think of. Why don't you go there now?

Thursday, July 1, 2010

My Last Prenatal Checkup

Re-post from my other blog

Since I was not able to see my OB-Gyne last week, I had my prenatal checkup today. My father-in-law drove me to the hospital and as usual, my daughter Chloe tagged along with me. My daughter was always present in my entire checkup and I'm also happy that my doctor tried her best to answer my daughter's questions. It seemed that today is my last prenatal checkup with her and we will see each other on July 12, my schedule for CS. I'm glad that my cough and cold subsided but I was warned still not to drink anything cold (darn! - can't take that) so that I won't be coughing or get sick during my operation. The baby's heartbeat was good and the gender of the baby was still the same - a girl :D. The baby's position was cephalic but lies oblique that's why I find the baby heavier on my left side than on my right.

I was already given an order or admission slip, and I was asked thoroughly this time about my previous experience with CS. They will be the one to notify my pediatrician, too, so I think all is set now. I'll just wait for another week and I'll finally get to see our new addition to our family. Chloe is very excited to see her baby sibling, too. She's been choosing names for her sister and we highly considered it. My husband and I both knew that we should give attention to our eldest daughter considering that she's been an only child for almost 7 years! We expected that she will somehow regress when she sees her baby sibling but we want her to feel that she is still loved and cared by us even when the baby comes out. I know this is quite a big challenge on my part, to be able to provide equal attention to both my kids. But as long as I'll show them how much they mean to me and how important they are, I guess everything will be alright.

Chloe will turn 7 comes July 18 and I was asked if I want the baby to be born on that day but I declined. I thought about their feelings in the future. I want them to enjoy their own day and to celebrate it in a special way. Some may say it's costly in celebrating 2 birthdays in a week but who said I will celebrate it that way? I can still have a joint celebration for them (if I'm saving :D) but what is important is that I have their birth dates separated. As I've said, I want them to enjoy their day :D

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

$300 Worth Brand New COACH Satchel Bag Contest

My pretty and long-time blogger friend of Mom Conversations is holding her first ever contest. She will be having her 6th-year wedding anniversary on July 28 and this is her one way of celebrating. I am very much eager to join this contest and hope to own this brand new $300 worth of Coach Satchel bag. She even thought of holding this kind of contest/giveaway every month should this be a huge success. Don't you think that would be more fun?!

I'm asking my other blogger friends to join this contest & have fun! Just visit her site to get for more details. This contest is open starting today until the 28th of July.