Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Traveling By Car

Whenever we go on travel, my family would always prefer riding it out in our own car. Especially if the kids go with us, we find it a lot safer and more comfortable at the same time as we can travel at our own speed and can stop whenever we like. However, we would have to make sure that the vehicle is in top condition before each trip. One thing to look out for is the check engine light since this would indicate if there's a need for auto repair. Having all these thorough checkups will ensure a smooth and worry free travel.

Now that the family is growing and since both my husband and me can drive, we are seriously considering buying another car. This, so that my husband can use one when he goes to work while I can use the other for driving my daughter to school. If our budget will allow it, I would really prefer a Toyota Camry as it is quite spacious, has a sturdy body, and runs smoothly being a sedan. Well, maybe coz' our existing car is also a Toyota, which, I'm glad to say, is still in mint condition after years of service.

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Unknown said...

Toyota camry good choice! comfortable seat!