Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Where are my Reader's Digest Copies?

I am an avid reader of Reader's Digest. I've been a subscriber of this book-magazine since 2007. However, our local distributor in the City is always late in delivering my copy and worst, these past 2 months I didn't receive any at all! They told me that my name was on their master list but where was my copy? They wanted me to take somebody else's copy as a replacement (as they usually practiced) but I was opposed to it. That's not mine! Prior to this hullabaloo, me and my mom (who's also a subscriber) get our copies from their office to make sure we really have it on time. We don't trust them that much even if they have a crew who delivers our subscription, it would take an eternity for our mags to arrive.

Much to my dismay and frustration, I was finally fed up. I decided to send an email to Reader's Digest's customer service. I was fuming mad while I wrote my missive just to express my disappointed on Capitan Marketing or Numinous (name of the distributor) located near Pabayo Borja/Gomez or fronting Wadhu's. This company is really unreliable and everytime I go to their office, people working there were so slow, lousy and don't even render good customer services. I've heard that the owner has bad attitude, that's what their workers say. But then, the workers were lazy, too! I don't even care if I mentioned their company here and this is just a warning to others. So, off I wrote and sent my email after warning them of my next step. I told RD that I might be compelled to stop my subscription next year because I don't get my copy anyway, the mere fact that I paid in full for one year.

Customer service replied to me right away and asked for my contact numbers. A few minutes later, I received their call. I reiterated my story and they asked for an apology for the inconvenience that it cost me. They promised to send me a replacement of my two missing issues and it might arrive this week. They asked my permission if they could send it starting November via PO box in our local post office. I said that would be okay as long as I get my copy. The other end was thankful that I sounded calm already and again asked for another apology.

I don't know if they are partly at fault but by attending to my concern somehow mellowed me down. At least they have heard my woes and promised to replace my 2 missing copies, that's all that matters now. So, to any of you who experienced the same dilemma, better contact and report it to the main office rather than do nothing at all.

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Unknown said...

2 missing copies alot ler? u eventually still can wait for so long? Guess the postman problem?