Thursday, September 9, 2010

Rock Toon Fest

Chloe wanted to join Toon Fest Modeling contest held last September 4. To join, she has to buy Toon Fest apparel worth P500 single receipt. I didn't buy her an outfit because I was hesitant to have her join. My daughter is more of a singer than a dancer/model, you know, hehe. But she was interested so she told my MIL, her grandma, and bought her an outfit the following day. I didn't go with them so it was my MIL who chose clothes for Chloe to wear including her shoes. Chloe's actually not after winning the contest. I didn't even tell her that only 20 kids will be chosen and be given a prize so that she will just have fun on stage, but all the participants has a chance to show off their modeling skills - and that's what Chloe only wanted, to be on the stage!

Waiting for her turn (rockstar sign); with her friend, Alexa, on the stage

Chloe was not chosen among the top 20 kids but she was happy with her modeling experience. There were plenty of kids (100 of them actually) and most of them were really cute. What we overlook was the theme. We didn't know that kids should look like a rockstar and what Chloe wore was kind of formal, hehe. My sister in law and I watched the presentation and we were glad it was over because we were so tired. Top 20 kids were told to stay for another round of modeling on the stage. We were there at 11am and left at around 5pm, so, I was kind of glad that we would go home coz I need to check on baby Zoe, too. What was important was that Chloe had a great time and learn something from that experience, I guess :D

Question and Answer Portion

Modeling on the stage, hehe :p


Unknown said...

Hi, Can i added u in my blog list? Nice to have a blogger mommy from the Philippines. Exchange URL?

Pipseater said...

OMG, Chloe is a big girl now and talented too

Dhemz said...

agoy mau man diay mo rampa ning imong dalaga mami...ehehehe!