Monday, September 20, 2010

Dark Saturday

We had a heavy rain last Saturday afternoon. I took my baby from her crib because of the heavy downpour of the rain and the sound of thunder puzzled her. Chloe was scared, too, that she kept on covering her ears with her both hands. Worst, we lost current. Lightning strike here and there. The current returned few minutes later and from our room, we went to the living room. My husband decided to prepare us bread with hotdog as our snacks. Just after we finished eating it, we heard something strange before our current got lost again. The rain did not stop yet but there was less lightning and the sound of the thunder was minimized. Much to our surprised, our neighbors have current while we don't! My husband checked our electrical wiring and found there was nothing wrong with the fuse. But when he checked our meter, it was burned! Glad there was no fire on it. We reported our situation to our local electric company and asked them for assistance. We were told that they would fix it as soon as the rain stop. That happened at around 5:30 pm. At 8 o'clock, we called again but got the same answer. We used our inverter to be able to use one electric fan and one light. However, the battery gave in so we borrowed our FIL's battery. We called the electric company again at 10 p.m. because the rain already subsided. They said they will resolve the problem by night but their crew was out to fix first the place where majority of the electrical lines where damaged. After that, they will come to our residence. That was their promise to us and assured me that they have a 24 hour service. We told them we will wait for them no matter what time. I was worried for my kids especially my 2-month-old baby. We decided to sleep at our living room so for easy access on the electric fan and the light and we can easily hear someone knocking outside our house. We put Zoe to her crib and amazingly, she was deep in her sleep. Although she woke up for her time to drink milk, after a few minutes she went back to her sleep. Chloe was complaining of the mosquito disturbing her, so, we set the fan high even though it was cold because of the rain. We decided to go to sleep but by 2pm, our borrowed battery was drained so we ended up having no light and no fan. I used our rechargeable fan for Chloe and use a candle for us to see. My baby woke up for her milk and I could hardly see. My husband decided to use the battery of his car. Gladly, our garage is just outside our living room so it was easy for him to connect the inverter. I called the electric company again and told him my woes. Told him I could hardly see and that my 2 month old baby was too cranky already (I exaggerated this part (",)). The man on the other line said that they will really fixed it. Minutes later, the crew arrived and the man I talked to called me again to check if his men arrived so that my problem is resolved. I thanked him.

The crew checked the problem and indeed our meter was damaged and we need to buy a meter based first and have the electrician install it because they could put on a new meter. In other words, we'll be spending no light until morning or even afternoon. We have no choice but to wait for the morning to arrive. My in laws were telling us to go to their place to spend the rest of the night but it was already in the wee hour of the morning. We decided to stay at home because my kids were deep in their sleep...

At around 6:30 am, an electrician came and offered to render his services but we need a few bucks to spend for the new meter base. We were restless and it was Sunday and we want to have current! So, the man started working on our problem at around 8:30 am. This time, me and my daughters went to my in-laws' place. I made sure they took a bath so that I would have less to bring. My husband stayed at home. He didn't have a good sleep but he wanted so badly to fix everything before another night comes. The electric company put a new meter on the meter based past 3 o'clock and voila! We finally had a light and I was so eager to go home!

We were just too glad that nothing bad happened to us, to our family and also on our gadgets here at home. My mother's and brother's PC were destroyed, others have different problems on their wirings but overall, glad that nothing serious happened to us. So last night, instead of surfing the net or whatever, all of us ended up sleeping very early. Glad the the baby slept longer last night, too! Such a good girl :D

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Cookie:Yeah, no electricity really disturbing. Nowadays is raining season here too. *cross finger*