Saturday, December 21, 2013

Chloe as Lady Liberty

 photo 5dd94322-2292-4a09-bb07-da4cdfbdbce4_zpsd0d1adef.jpg
Chloe as Liberty of New York
 My daughter joined a Christmas Play in their school. Since she's already a member of their Choir group, all of them were already told that they were included in the play. Although she was given a minor role, she was still happy. She's in grade 4 and most of the major roles were given to 6th graders. Well, I guess time will come for her. At least for now she had an experience.

Their play was based on Dennis and Nan Allen's Christmas Hang-Ups. My daughter Chloe was one of the souvenirs, Liberty of New York. Despite the minor role, she was still noticed by the audience maybe because of her costume plus the crown and the torch she was using. Even with short appearance and with no speaking part, we were still proud of her. Aside from her role, she also joined the cast in singing so at least she still had something else to do :-)

Overall, their play was great. We were all entertained and everyone was having a great time. I salute the committee and those who were there from day one to make their play a success.
Taking A Bow

Friday, December 6, 2013

Christmas Family Picture

family pic photo DSC_0764_zps20e4381e.jpg 
Here's our family picture taken last year. This was at my mom's house and everyone thought we should dress up. This was actually taken from 10:30 in the evening to 12 midnight on New Year's Eve. Now, we are thinking of what will be our theme for our next photo op ;-)


Saturday, November 23, 2013

SM City Christmas Festival

Last November 15, 2013 at 5 o'clock in the afternoon, SM City Mall had their Grand launching of Christmas held at the Atrium. There was a mini-chapel built in the area where people can pose and take pictures as souvenirs. The event was hosted by Ms. Cagayan de Oro 2012 and graced by none other than the City Mayor Oscar Moreno and his wife Arlene. People from different sectors also attended the Christmas Festival. The UCCP Choir, Kids choir (I forgot the name) and XU-College Glee Club rendered different Christmas Carols.
With Mayor Oscar Moreno
The unveiling of big Christmas Tree and life-sized Nativity was the main event that night. After which, people were given tasty Filipino delicacies such as kutsinta, empanada, cassava roll, chokolate  and orange juice. And oh, Santa Claus was there, too, and game enough to pose with the kids and those kids at heart.
The Nativity
CDO Bloggers 
Christmas Tree
Me :-)

Friday, November 22, 2013

Chloe Won 1st Place in Elocution Contest 2013

I wanted to Congratulate my eldest daughter Chloe for winning the Elocution Contest for the 2nd time around. She won the gold medal last year, and this year, she grabbed the gold again (or 1st place).
 photo ad2cbbd2-e219-48f0-82aa-715e19e6a86c_zps57a15dad.jpg
I was there this afternoon to watch her recite her piece in the platform. So far, she was able to nail it. And I thank my friend also who helped me in honing my daughter's skills. Everyone thought my daughter deserved the award, some students were betting for her to win and she did.

I thank the Lord for answering our prayers. I thank Him for guiding my daughter and He did. Thank Lord God for everything!

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Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Krispy Kreme Finally Opened 44th Store in CDO

Krispy Kreme finally opened its 44th store in Cagayan de Oro City on November 15, 2013. It is also the 4th branch and 2nd Hotlight Store in Mindanao.
Prior to its opening, Krispy Kreme had a Media Launch and Blogger event on November 13 and VIP Night on November 14. I was one of the bloggers who attended the event and we were privileged enough in tasting the yummy doughnuts before the store opened in public.

Krispy Kreme showed to us how they neatly prepared and pack their doughnuts. After that, those interested to 'make their own doughnut' lined up and I was one of them. I named mine Sweet Cookie :-) We also tried their drinks and how I love the taste of Chocolate Choco!
Making my own doughnut
 Original Glazed doughnut is my top favorite in Krispy Kreme but I found another favorite, Four Cheese! Try to taste this once you're at their store. I'm sure you'll yearn for more.
With Ms. Nadia
The event was a memorable and just like before, the staff and the crew warmly welcomed us. Ms. Nadia Lee, Assistant Marketing Manager, and other heads were also there greeting and entertaining us. Freebies were given to us before we went home. Oh, how I just love them!
As you all know, Krispy Kreme opened on November 15, 2013 at 8:00 o'clock in the morning. We blogged before what to expect on the opening day. The 1st one to line up will get one year supply of Krispy Kreme plus their signature coffee, 2nd in line will receive 6 months free supply of Krispy Kreme and coffee and the 3rd in line will get 3 months free supply plus coffee. This also applies to Drive-thru customers. If you're on the 4th-100th line, you still get to receive 1 month free supply of Krispy Kreme.
CDO Bloggers 
The day before the store opened, some people already lined up outside vying for the prizes. And I would like to congratulate all who got there early especially those who won the top 3 prizes.
Yours truly :-)

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

She's Still My Little Girl

This is my daughter Chloe's recent picture. To some of my blogger friends here, I guess you've seen her grow up from my blog. She is now 10 years old and in this picture, she's donning a Brazilian dress where she used it for their Salsa dance at their school's foundation day last September 2013.

I just can't believe time flies so fast. She was just a little kid the first time I started blogging few years ago. Anyways, I hope all of you are having a great time with your family and especially with your kids ;-)

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Foundation Day 2013

salsa girls photo IMG_0702_zpsc45ce7cb.jpg
L-R: Yryl, Chloe (my daughter), Ann & Kristine

These are my daughter's friends since preschool days. They are now in their 4th grade but they used to be classmates when they were in preschool in another school. Right now, they are just schoolmates but they still often see each other especially if there's a school activity. This picture was taken last September where their school celebrated their Foundation Day. Their grade level presented Salsa dance which originated in Brazil. 

Looking at this picture, I just can't believe these babies are now grown ups! That's why I wanna savor this moment and tried my best to be there for my kid because time just flies so fast that I'm having a hard time keeping up!

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Holiday Gift Baskets

Do you own a pet at home? If so, what kind? Most people I knew owned dogs because they consider them as man's best friend. They are loyal and can be trusted and they will even guard our place to keep it safe. Some dogs protect their masters away from harm and don't you think they deserve a reward from doing a job well done?

Christmas is almost near so I guess you can include your pet in your list for gift giving. You might want to give your dog gift baskets full of goodies. I found one site online where they have plenty of lists on what to give on your pets during the holidays. If you knew some people who are dog lovers, you know already what to give them. Different kinds of gourmet christmas gift baskets for the owner and for his or her pets are perfect presents to give for Christmas.

If you are interested about this, I suggest you drop this site a visit. This site is a company that sells hand-created gift baskets in different categories like wine baskets, baby gift baskets, dog gift baskets that even include toys! So, check them out now. I'm sure you are going to love what you see ;-)

Friday, September 27, 2013

Krispy Kreme Soon To Open In CDO

Krispy Kreme CDO is finally going to open, probably in November this year. Their location will be at Lim Ket Kai Center, one of the popular malls in Cagayan de Oro City.

Last September 20, 2013, I was one of the CDO Bloggers invited to attend the pre-briefing lunch meeting at Bigby's Restaurant, LKKS. We were warmly welcomed by Mark E. Gamboa, Krispy Kreme's Marketing Manager and Nadia Lee Cien D. Shami, Assistant Marketing Manager and Local Relationship Marketing for VisMin. The meeting was full of excitement. A lot of questions were raised by the attendees and all of them were aptly answered.
(L) Mark Gamboa, KK's Marketing Manager & (R) Nadia Shami, Assistant Marktng Manager
Krispy Kreme Doughnuts, Inc. was founded on July 13, 1937 by Vernon Rudolf. Until now, the company keeps getting bigger and stronger and opening new stores internationally. On November 2006, Krispy Kreme opened their flagship store in the Philippines. More stores opened nationwide and as of this writing, Krispy Kreme CDO will be the 44th store in the Philippines and the 5th drive-thru store in Asia, another reason for us Cagay-anons to be proud of.

What I learned from the company is that they are actually supporting 12 different charities and schools in the country. So imagine this store with a cause. You're not just eating their doughnuts but you are helping others as well.

In all honesty, I'm an avid fan of Krispy Kreme and so is my hubby and our kids. KK Glazed is my number 1 favorite, I can consume 3 doughnuts in one sitting! Everytime my husband comes back home from Manila, he makes sure to bring Krispy Kreme products because we always expect it at home. So imagine how excited I was to know that KK will soon open in our own city.
With fellow CDO Bloggers. I'm on the rightmost wearing black with shades on the head:-)
And for everyone who's reading this, let me tell you an open secret that's going to take place on the opening day: The 1st one to fall in line will get a one year supply of Krispy Kreme (yeah, 1 year -- you heard me right!), the 2nd in line will get 6 months supply, and the 3rd will get a month's supply. And it's all for free! (Sssh!.. Don't share to others *wink*wink*)

If you want to know more about Krispy Kreme products, please do visit their site at They're very affordable and so yummylicious! And when their outlet finally opens here in CDO, you can bet I'll be going there often waiting for the taste of fresh doughnut when the hotlight is on.
We were each given a dozen of these Yummy Doughnuts. Thank You Krispy Kreme!

Friday, September 13, 2013

Save Big Time!

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Friday, September 6, 2013

Good and Bad Things

I'm having a sore throat since yesterday. Weather is bad lately and I was sleeping late at night for a couple of days. I was trying to fix a problem with my blog that I did not do the task right away given to me by one of the sponsors. Besides, the task was due on September 11.

My blog was finally fixed last night and I tried sleeping early. And today, I'm ready to finish what I need to do, unfortunately, the task assigned to me was gone no matter how I tried to refresh it. This happened to me 2x already. I guess next time I should do it right away no matter how sick I am. Sad.. :-(

I guess I'll just have to think on the good side that I won't sleep late anymore. However, thinking of my sore throat and the task taken away from me are still bad news. The earnings would have helped me with so many things at home...

Friday, August 23, 2013

Vintage Guitar Strap

Playing the guitar is quite awkward when not using any straps. You can't play any better if you don't have it unless of course you are just sitting down. Just in case you are looking for one, there is a fender vintage guitar strap I found online that is currently on sale. It looks very comfortable to use and has leather ends. You can order online and avail their 5% special promo rate! So, hurry up and enjoy great savings!

Sunday, August 4, 2013

Zoe's Invitation Card

My 2nd baby daughter Zoe turned 3 last month and it's only now that I am going to post what her invitation card looked like.. Okay, it was me who made that and had it developed in a photo shop. Zoe wore her Cinderella dress bought by her maternal grandmother :-) It was her theme for this year's birthday.

I usually do the invitation in all of my children's birthday. For Zoe's invitation card, I took a picture of her and thank heavens (!!!) I was able to capture her beautiful smile. She strike a pose like Cinderella, too (just look at her hands)! Really, Mommy knows best *wink* *wink*

Friday, August 2, 2013

Simple Birthday Dinner

On Chloe's actual birthday, we went to Thai Me Up at Centrio Mall to have a very simple family dinner. She was taken by surprise when the staff came near her and sang a Happy Birthday song. Big sunglasses and a frame were provided to her to have her picture taken. See that picture above? Yeah, she likes to strike silly poses. Her little sissy was beside her.

Since their free cake was unavailable that day, Chloe was given a free fruit salad as their compliment to the birthday girl :D

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Chloe's Birthday Gift

Xavier Estates & Country Club
This is our gift for our eldest daughter Chloe on her 10th birthday, spending a night in one of the cottages at Xavier Estates. Her younger sister celebrated her 3rd birthday a week earlier and we throw a party for her. But Chloe said she doesn't want any party on her birthday but to spend an overnight weekend at a hotel.
Chloe outside our cottage
So, she was very ecstatic when her dad and I told her we're going to spend it at Xavier Estates. She thanked us and told us how happy she was that day. We were also glad she liked it even though the place was not our first choice. We wanted something new because we had been here before. But the ambiance and the peacefulness of the place are just too hard to resist. And the staff there were nice, polite and attentive so what's to complain?

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TGIF For Me!

Thanking that today is a Friday! It means to say I don't need to get up early morning during weekends. I may be a stay at home mom but yes, I still look forward to holidays and no classes :) Because during week days, I need to wake up early in the morning to prepare breakfast for my eldest child who is now a 4th grader and also my husband before he goes to work. I also cook their lunch because they don't go home during lunch time. My mornings are always busy from cooking breakfast and lunch, boiling hot water for them, preparing their clothes, cleaning the house. I can only rest once they left. But then when my youngest daughter wakes up by 9 or 9:30 am, I need to feed her, bathe her & since I enrolled her to school, need to prepare her things especially her snacks! She's still a toddler so her going to school is more on playing and socializing but still I am a busy super mom. Then I drive her to & from home to school. Often, I picked up my husband from the office before going home so that he has a ride in going home in the evening.

Anyways... all I want to say today is, THANK GOD IT'S FRIDAY!

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Good Investment!

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Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Vista Residences expands to Cagayan de Oro

Vista Residences, the condominium development arm of Vista Land and Lifescapes, is expanding its reach in Mindanao with its newest high-rise condominium project called The Loop.

The twin tower, 25-storey condominium development will rise within the Lim Ket Kai Complex, the central business and commercial districts of Cagayan de Oro City, to offer Kagay-anons and those from nearby cities and municipalities the best city living experience.

Vista Residences caters to almost all income segments, serving the needs of mid to upper middle and high-end income markets, making it the only clear choice for vertical residences.

Vista Residences carries Vista Land’s expertise in residential development that spans over 38 years, as well as its reputation for space-planning, thoughtful design, and ability to select the most attractive locations for its projects.

Vista Land is the country’s largest homebuilder, building 250,000 homes in 33 provinces and 65 cities and municipalities across the country. It is the only real estate company that operates nationwide, catering to every sector of the homebuyers’ market.

Soon after Vista Land introduced Vista Residences as its high-rise residential marketing arm in 2006, the latter has created a powerful presence and a compelling portfolio of 23 condominium projects across the country, setting a new standard for urban living.

Vista Residences has become a major player in the country’s multi-level, mixed-use property development industry, with a prestigious line-up of vertical projects namely KL Mosaic, Salcedo Square, and Laureano Di Trevi (Makati), The Currency (Ortigas), The Symphony Towers, Wil Tower Mall, Vista Residences Katipunan, Madison Place Pine Crest, Brescia Residences (Quezon City).

It also includes 515 Shaw (Mandaluyong), Cerritos Residences (Pasig), Marfori and Presidio (Sucat), Vista Residences Taft, 878 Espana, and Crown Towers U-Belt (Manila), Pacific Residences, Avant at the Fort, and The Hudson (Taguig).

In Mindanao, Vista Residences’ vertical developments are the British colonial themed mid-rise condo community called Northpoint in Davao City, and the soon to be launched The Loop in Cagayan de Oro, its first high-rise outside Manila.

Inquiries on The Loop can be made at 0917-8102445 or Communities Cagayan Inc., 2nd Floor Pelaez Arcade, RN Abejuela corner JP Rizal St., Cagayan de Oro City, and at #

Saturday, July 6, 2013

Smart payITfwd

Last July 3, 2013, I was one of the bloggers who graced the event hosted by Smart in cooperation with CDO bloggers. It was held at Sentro 1850, Velez St. here in CDO at 6 o'clock in the evening. The purpose of this was to spread the good deeds through technology. We all know that in these modern times, it is thru social media where we can easily hear or pick up some good news. Hence, Smart find ways to acknowledge the extraordinary deeds by ordinary people who made a big difference in other people's lives. So with payITfwd, Smart would like to give back their kindness & boosting them by spreading their smart acts. Their goal is to "support, promote, expand, enhance, reward and enable social good efforts that foster learning through technology". That's why Smart were looking for individuals or groups that are community-based projects that tackles knowledge on education, environment, disaster preparedness, health, livelihood and sports. They will be selecting the best 20 entries then will have a 2-round selection as they go along. Selected social good advocates will receive a technology package comprising five tables, 1 Smart Bro Pocket Wi-fi, Smart Bro load worth P3,000 and a cash prize of P50,000.

Anyway, going back to the event, all attendees were to pick up an on-the-spot prize upon registration and I was lucky to get a grey Smart sling bag. I had a chance for some vis-à-vis with other guests before we had a sumptuous dinner. Then the program proper began. Four speakers were present that evening and listening to their advocacies was very inspiring.

The first speaker was Jerome Torres. I admired his volunteerism act. He founded The CDO Street Tutorial Advocacy, Inc. in year 2009. The group was composed of students and professionals who hold tutorial activities to street kids twice a week at the Magsaysay Park, Divisoria. They teach Basic English and Math subjects from 7-8 pm. At first they started with a feeding session and later saw the opportunity to teach the children. Other volunteers then joined and some helped in sponsoring supplemental feeding.

The second speaker was Rhyan Casiño where he established Dire Husi, a youth organization to revive indigenous culture. His advocacy was mainly focused on cultural heritage. He mentored the program for arts, crafts, music that even some other troubled kids later joined and later divert their attention in honing their skills and talents. With the group's talents and creativity, Dire Husi has won the British Council's I am a Changemaker grant and became a finalist in TAYO Awards in 2009.

The third speaker was Esmer Gabutina of Tianbuan Crafts. An epitome of women empowerment, she has helped a lot of women learning how to weave in her native town, Lagonglong. She owns the Tinabuan Arts and Crafts, a sinamay-making enterprise. She gathered women in her town and helped helped them improve their skills by weaving cloth, making bags, placemats and other accessories out of sinamay.

The fourth speaker was Kris Gebe who made community service and helped the Kuya Fish Campaign. The community was formed when the city was hit by Typhoon Sendong in 2011. A Japanese national, Issey Tanaka saw the opportunity to help CDO. Many were quick to acknowledge his International volunteer campaign. Donations came pouring in that helped in educating kids and build houses for those who were affected with the typhoon. Their latest program was "Tambo sa Kaugmaon", a book and bag drive where they support the Badjao Community and St. John Elementary School. They hope to provide and give hope to those marginalized sectors of the community where their main focus are the children.

The event was very insightful and made each one of us to realize that we can also do so much to help other people by sharing our skill, talents, abilities and most especially, a little of our time. Before the event ended, Smart made a raffle draw. One attendee was lucky enough to win an apple iPad and unfortunately, it was not me, hehe. If you have time, do visit some of the speakers site. Perhaps you are interested to know more about their contribution so I suggest you drop by their site.

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

New Peavy Guitars

For the music lovers or music enthusiasts out there, I would like to inform you about the great sale on new peavey guitars at WWBW. You can find different kinds of electric and acoustic guitars sold at a very low price. These are classified bestsellers so better check the items for yourself! If you want to know more about the details, try visiting their site now. You'll be more glad to know that they are offering free shipment for these instruments. So, hurry!

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

A Night of Glitz and Glamour at Seda Hotel

I had the opportunity to attend A Night of Glitz and Glamour at Seda Hotel last Saturday, June 15, 2013 at 6:30 p.m. I was one of the few invited guests to attend this event and I want to thank Macky Daligdig and Ms. Maria Irene Aserios of CDO Bloggers for extending the invitation to us.
photo credit to:
The party took place at the 4th floor of the building where we were warmly received by the accommodating staff. Different kinds of foods, beverages and overflowing wines were served to the guests. While some of us opted to stay inside, some guests went to the poolside area to enjoy the view and watched as the live band performed onstage.
Seda Centrio is a new hotel situated at the heart of Cagayan de Oro City. I had the chance to explore the place when the friendly staff gave us a tour of the hotel rooms and facilities. The hotel has around 150 rooms, starting off with the Deluxe Room, Club Room then Premier Room. At first, we went to the 7th floor, then proceeded to the 11th floor where the Executive Lounge was located. We had a fantastic view of the city, which I think would be more appreciated during the daytime. If you came from another city, you will definitely enjoy your stay here as just right beside the hotel is the Centrio Shopping Mall.
Premier Room
Executive Lounge at 11th floor
CDO Bloggers

Seda is actually a Spanish term for Silk, and the name best describes the hotel as "a new and fluid experience that represents what Filipinos has to offer". So, if you're in town, make your stay memorable here at Seda Centrio Hotel!

Monday, June 17, 2013

Pin Lanyards

If you are looking for reliable industrial products, you can find them online. Of course you might know a company already that offers what you need but in case you are looking for one, there's a lot that you can find by browsing online. If you are searching for a specific diameter or length of pin lanyards, you can find it on this certain site. Cable material is usually stainless steel but the price is very affordable, but I suggest that you check it out so that you can find what you are looking for.

Monday, June 3, 2013

Subic Bay Yacht Club

As I've mentioned in my other post, we went to Subic with my family to experienced the Safari. We had our short vacation last May and had fun. One of the places we passed by was the Subic Bay Yacht Club and never missed the opportunity to have my picture taken. But I guess it would more fun if I sailed on it, hehe. Just in case you plan to visit Subic, seize the opportunity to have a photo op here :-D

Friday, May 31, 2013

Printing Solutions

If you are looking for best software for your printing business, you can always browse online. There's a site that will enhance turnkey printing by their highly customized and powerful suite of software. This site is not only highly competitive but helps you lessen with the cost of your printing business. You can see the dramatic change once you avail this software. To get more information, you can visit their website and try to inquire from them. So, what are you waiting for?!

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Zoobic Vacation

This is one of the many pictures we had during our recent vacation in Manila. We went to Subic and experienced their Zoobic Safari. Kids had fun looking at different types of birds, then the horse, tigers, lion, etc. The experience was great and glad we survived the safari!

Subic is a 2-hour drive from Manila. We didn't stay overnight in there as we went back to my brother's place in the evening. We stayed at his place for almost 5days and bonded with his family. It was one of our memorable vacations so far...

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Plus Size Workout Clothes

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Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Still on Vacation Mode

I am quite sleepy yet I can't sleep. My 4-day vacation with family was superb but super tiresome. It was a memorable experience for all of us and how that I'm back home, I feel so tired. I'll be posting some of our pics here soon. I had fun last Saturday when we went on a Safari at Zoobic in Subic then last Sunday we went to Tagaytay. Many people went there to get a great view of Taal Volcano. I you have not yet been to these places, I recommended these for you to explore. I'm sure you will appreciate them ;-)

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Compressed Natural Gas Hose

If you are looking for a kind of pipe that or cng hose for your vehicles, you can find them online. There are twin line hose or bonded thermoplastic that can be used for bus or any transportation and even dispensing or vehicle application. I read in one site that offers full manufacturer warranty and I guess this is what you really need. For more details about this site, you can check them out and see the products that they are offering.

Saturday, April 27, 2013

Dal-Tan's Kambingan Restaurant

"Most visited new kambingan restaurant in CDO, Dal-Tans Kambingan Cruz Taal - Capistrano Sts. CDO"

Cagayan de Oro has become quite the booming city wherein lots of new establishments constantly  emerge. At the malls, there are always new fast-food chains and restaurants opening, particularly those fine-dining restaurants which people often try to check out. Outside of the malls, there are also new places to hang out; affordable eateries where one can enjoy delicious food without worrying about the budget. One such establishment is Dal-Tans Kambingan, which is located at Capistrano corner Cruz Taal Streets. True to its name, Dal-Tans' specialty is in catering true Filipino dishes, particularly the "kambingan" variety which most would find truly mouth-watering. 

(Grabbed this pic from CDODev.Com)
I was privileged enough to be part of CDO Bloggers since recently we were invited by the owner to try out the place and we got to taste some of their most famous recipes: kalderitang kambing, papaitan, adobong kambing, sinigang, etc. I told my husband about it and learned that he had already checked out the venue. He said that he enjoyed the food there so much, he would definitely visit again and again. What is nice about the place is its accessibility since it is located just at the heart of the city.

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Services to Suit Your Needs

I am not much of a TV person that's why at home there's no satellite dish so only local channels can be viewed. However, my husband wanted to install cable so that our kids can enjoy watching other television shows. He said that our kids are quite bored with their usual DVD shows. Well, I heard him but told him that we'll do that right after we transfer to a new place and that's probably end of this year or early next year. Anyways, as I've browsed online, I found one site and read some feedback from people subscribing to dish satellites. It has lots of good reviews and if only I can sign up with them, I would. But I guess it is quite impossible because I live on the other side of the world. However, if you happen to live in the US particularly in Phoenix or Tucson, try availing DirecTV because they offer the best price. They are very affordable and offer so many exciting and interesting channels.

On this same site, they are offering CenturyLink Tucson. So if you happen to live there, it is of great advantage because you can easily request for installation. When the services offered to your internet is doing you no good anymore, better shift to Century Link. They guarantee you that their connection is very fast. Of course that's what we all want, right? Unlike some services where their connection is very slow and unreliable which gives us a headache. While at Century Link, not only are they fast but they are very affordable. The rate is just within your budget plus they even provide you with unlimited nationwide calling for your household. For more information, I encourage you to visit their site and check to see the benefits you will get from them.

Monday, April 22, 2013

Summer Time

What I really like when it's my kid's summer vacation is that I don't need to wake up early, and sleeping late is not a problem. I'm really enjoying this 2-month vacay because when it's back to school days, I need to wake up as early as 5 or 5:30 am then I've got a very busy morning.

That's why right now I am savoring the moment however, my kids wake up very late in the morning also. And as not to make my eldest child's day unproductive, I enrolled her to art craft every afternoon and public speaking on M-W-F.  She's also into personality development every Saturday afternoon but it will end this coming weekend.

As for the youngest child, she stays at home with me. She's still 2 and 7 months old and she's still a baby. I want her to enjoy childhood. Definitely, she will go to school next year. I don't want to enroll her now so that she won't be burnt-out easily. At least I'm not that lonely at home if she's with me.

Comfortable Fit!

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Sunday, April 21, 2013

Stop Worrying!

I hate being a worry-wart but just can't help it. I wish I were like some people I knew who were the happy-go-lucky type.. Yes, I'm trying but can't help thinking of worries that come my way. I guess I've to think less then and let the positive vibes sink in.

I've many things to think of on the coming weeks. I hope this will be over but of course I am hoping for a positive outcome. I hope all plans will run smoothly this summer or for the month of May and so on, so forth. I wish my family can go on vacation together and enjoy the bond that we are going to spend without any worries. Well, I guess I have to couple this with prayer so that I will have a peaceful mind and not to think of worries.

Tuesday, April 16, 2013


I just installed this in my application but I am not certain of its usage. But it seems everyone's using it so I tried to join the club :-)

A friend helped taught me how I should check in and else should I say in there. Interesting though but I thought I can still do this in my facebook shoutout by writing what I was doing and where was I located and who were with me.

I guess I have to figure it out until I get hook to it....
 photo foursquare_zps713fde35.jpg

Cheap Printing Shop

If you are looking for a best printing shop, you can check it online and browse for a site that offers the best prices with good services. I found one website that you might want to see and they guarantee customer satisfaction. You can order by bulk and the more you buy from them, the more you save. For more information about their products and rates, I suggest you visit their site for you to decide what to order.

Thursday, April 11, 2013

One of the Many

One of my daughter's many gold medals. I'm a proud mom of a consistent honor student. Chloe, my eldest child, is a straight A student and I am so thankful for her hard work. I would like to congratulate myself, too, because I've been her tutor since she started to go to school. Although the last school year I was only there to help during her major exams, I still feel guilty because I let her do her homework almost all by herself. But glad she still made it. For the next school year, I promised myself to be there for her even with her minor lessons so that we will not cram during her major exam :-)
 photo DSC00093_zpsbe5f3fca.jpg

Saturday, April 6, 2013

Safe Sliding Doors

Lately, I've been busy browsing thru the internet to get an idea of how my ideal house would look like. My husband and I are currently planning of building a house to call our own. The door closing systems are very important to us because we have two young kids, ages 9 and 2 years old. We wanted everything safe especially for my very young child. I found the site that offers everything that we need especially since we are planning to put up a sliding door at the porch and at the family room near the master's bedroom. This site actually has a wide range of products as they not only cater home services but office services as well.

If you are currently residing at Phoenix metro area or anywhere near that place, you have great advantage because the company is located there. You can easily order from them but if you live far from that place, you can always contact them. The company sells, installs, repairs door closing systems and that includes your patio sliding doors. They take safety seriously especially if you have kids so all you have to do is inform them about this, too. They will gladly hear all your concerns and they will try to solve your issues because one of their goals is to give their customer satisfaction and a peace of mind.

You can visit their site if you want to know more about their services. They guarantee to give their customers affordable rate so check them out now!

Lucky Mom!

This is one of my favorite girls in the world, my little Zoe. Of course she's my baby, and I'm loving every feeling being a mom to her and my eldest daughter Chloe. I guess motherhood becomes me. I won't exchange anything being a mom to them. I always thank the Lord for giving such beautiful gifts. With that I am blessed! To other moms out there, a toast from me to you! ;-)
 photo 7873d6f3-a9ea-46eb-9e38-58717713d8d7_zps793bd5fc.jpg

Friday, March 29, 2013

Avail It Online

I guess I have to say here that taking care of one's health is really good. But of course if you want to try some things, you can do so but just make sure you do it moderately. I knew some people who drink or smoke occasionally and they don't abuse it so I guess that's alright. But if you want to try best cigars, you can find that online. In fact, one site is currently on sale and you can also avail some of their free stuff. You can visit their site for more information.

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Pinked Tea Afternoon With Thrive Cdo and Spruce

I've been a Facebook member of Thrive Cdo ever since it started less than a year ago, but I never got the chance to join any of their activities. So finally, last Saturday afternoon of March 23, 2013, I was able to join a forum entitled Pinked Tea, which was conducted by Thrive Cdo in partnership with Spruce; the event was hosted by Margie Velasquez of ABS-CBN. 
Thrive Cdo is a non-profit organization which aims to promote breast cancer awareness. Ms. Karen Lluch, President of Thrive and a long-time friend of mine, was the one who conducted the forum. During her talk, she mentioned that breast cancer has become a social stigma for many years; and that through Thrive, its members hope to reach out to women who needed someone to talk to or to lean on during their trying moments. With the help of Spruce, one of the country's leading footwear, 10% of all purchased pair of its shoes would go to Thrive Cdo for the benefit of helping people with breast cancer.

I was really glad that I'd been supporting Spruce for over 2 years now; in fact, I still have my 2 pairs of shoes which I bought from their store.
 photo 2013-03-23153704_zps75ae182d.jpg
L-R: Karen Lluch of Thrive Cdo, Margie Velasquez of Abs-cbn, Jackylyn Occena of Spruce, Dr. Rhoel de Leon
The forum was also graced by Dr. Rhoel de Leon, well-known as probably one of the best cancer surgeons in the country. During the forum, he gave some insights and clarifications with regards to breast cancer. He also informed everyone that the key to prevention is early detection. He  mentioned 3 levels of screening, which are: 1) to have breasts examined a week after menstruation; 2) to have doctors examine the breasts; and 3) to have a Mammography.

The 2-hour conference last Saturday was a success; and I hope to be joining any upcoming events for the rest of the year. For more information about Thrive Cdo, you can call their contact numbers: 0915-4831225 or visit their Facebook page at
 photo thrivebanner_zps9bce79ba.jpg
I would like to thank Thrive Cdo for an afternoon of Pinked Tea, and for Spruce for giving me a wonderful gift: a new pair of shoes! I'm encouraging everyone to buy their products because you are in some way supporting a cause that could help save lives.
 photo spruce_zps41f64be2.jpg
Me with a Pink Ribbon; and wearing the shoes that I got from Spruce
mom&kids photo shoes_zps85d40d3a.jpg
L-R: Ginger Black Spruce shoes which I bought last 2011; and Alexis Gold Black Spruce shoes which I bought last year.

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Background Check

Before hiring an applicant to your company, you can use background screening to verify their records. It is good that these days, our technology is improving and it is easier for us whether an applicant is deserving or not. You can even check their criminal records or previous employment status. This way you know you hired the right employee for your company. Try checking this online and learn for more.

Sunday, March 10, 2013

Transition Period

My daughter's exams are finally over but she's still going to school for some practices. My daughter used to be a perfectionist before but now I don't know with her, it seems like she's having some hard time adjusting herself. I was informed before that this is the age where kids will have difficulty in their transition period. I just don't know how to deal with it.

Anyways, glad that they will be having their vacation for 2 months. At least I won't be waking up early then. My husband can manage to eat breakfast at the office so I guess I'll have 2 months of extended sleep in the morning, hehehe.

Be updating here from time to time. Be finishing other tasks..

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Water Fountain

When my daughter was in preschool, her school was just very near the Cathedral where there was a park where people could sit down and kids could play. What she also loved was the water fountains outdoor installed by the Church. It had been there for many years and until now, it still looked great. That's why my daughter wanted me to bring her to school early so she could watch the water fountain before her class started.

Saturday, February 23, 2013

Deleting A Blog

I am planning to delete one of my blogs because of the reason that I had a hard time updating it. Second, it doesn't sell much and third, it's actually my husband's blog and he's too busy right now to write anything. The blog is under my account and I understand that hubby's lack of time for his one and only blog. He writes well but I have to understand that he can't keep up with it. At least he tried. I've paid for the domain and since it's just being stagnant for how many months, guess it's time to let go. But I told my husband to better transfer it to another site only we don't have to pay for the domain. Okay, we'll just wait and see...

Friday, February 22, 2013

Seeking Legal Advice after Surgical Complications

There are many surgical procedures that are done only in vein. Whether it be to look thinner, or maybe to look years younger, or sometimes both. The price that some people will pay for beauty is astounding. While these surgeries may not be medically necessary, there are many the certainly are. There are many people that may have lived with pain for many years. There are also those who may have some sort of physical abnormality that needs to be removed.

Medical companies and surgeons have designed and developed many devices that have helped so many people. These devices in many cases have been nothing short of a miracle for those who have them. Most of these individuals go on living happy healthy lives, because of these medical breakthroughs.

Some however, aren't always so lucky. Any surgery has the potential to be dangerous. However, some feel these risks are worth taking. Unfortunately, some of the risks may be worse than the initial symptoms. While there are countless people thriving in the world, walking around with some sort of prosthetic or implant that has changed their lives for the good. There are also some very unfortunate people that are living with devices that may be poisoning their bodies or causing them a great deal of pain.

Many woman have been diagnosed with a vaginal prolapse. This is due to a weakened pelvic muscle. This can cause a great deal of pain and discomfort to the woman. There is a new surgical procedure that can rectify this problem. A surgeon will insert a mesh device that will aid in pelvic support. With any surgical procedure, negative side effects can occur. Unfortunately for many of these woman, there have been many vaginal mesh complications.

Anyone suffering side effects from any surgical procedure, should always seek legal advice. An attorney will know your rights and will represent you accordingly.

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Zoe's Day Out


My baby Zoe's pictures wearing her red boots. This was taken last month while we went malling one Saturday afternoon. Isn't she cuddly? hehehe

Friday, February 8, 2013

Pool Supply

I am planning to enroll my child to a swimming lesson comes April and May. But right now, I'm scouting for a safe and better pool to make sure I don't have problems to encounter with my child. I've noticed that some of the swimming pool in our place, where some kids practice, they're obviously dirty and not well taken care of. I hope the owners would bother browsing what Pool Supply Unlimited has to offer. What the pool needed is there and they even have worldwide shipping so I guess you will have no problem if you order from them. For more details, visit their site now!

New Do

This is my daughter's new hairdo :-) 2 weeks ago I brought her to a Korean parlor to have a haircut and this is the result. It's nice actually when you just came out from the parlor. But now, her hair is again messy. I might bring her to another parlor to cut her hair short so that she will not have a hard time fixing her hair every morning before she goes to school...

Antivirus You Need

When our internet crashes, there's nothing I can do but wait for my husband to fix it. I am only good in typing and browsing the net but of course I make sure I don't click unknown or unreliable sources. Good thing hubby can find ways in mending it. I tried to understand how this antivirus going on and I just stumbled about ESET NOD32 Antivirus online. I read their benefits and features and so far, what they offer is really good. If you are interested in buying this, better check their site. What they have is good for home and business so drop them a visit now!

No Class On Friday

I am so glad my daughter has no class today therefore, I woke up late in the morning :-)
I usually wakes up around 5-5:30 am to prepare breakfast and cook food for lunch for my daughter and husband. Today, I told my husband if he can just buy food for himself at the office and let me savor this day, hehe.

After I'm done blogging, I'm off to do the laundry. My youngest child just woke up an hour ago and thank God her elder sister is at home to help me watch over my little one.
So I guess I won't stay long huh. Be updating more soon!

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Valentine's Day gifts for him

I don't know about you, but thinking of gifts for my husband – Christmas, birthday, Valentine's – always takes me a while. Maybe it's because men are more difficult to buy for, or maybe my husband is just awkward! Since it's that time of year again, I thought I'd mention some of my ideas in case any of you need inspiration.
I find gadgets make a better present for the man in my life – it's better if you get him something he really wants. So I've been looking at things like those little Bluetooth radios you can get for the car, or maybe a massage cushion.
There are lots of joke-type presents around at this time of year, but I personally don't think they mean the same, plus I'm sure my husband isn't interested in novelty key rings or funny mugs! The personalised t-shirts are pretty good as he can still use it and you can order your own messages or pictures.
Also, since my husband has always liked having loads of pictures of our daughter around the house and since we've had a digital camera, we haven't printed out as many. I'm thinking of getting him a digital photo frame, so then he can change the picture whenever he likes or play them all in a slideshow.
But seriously, if you ever get stuck for ideas, making his favourite dinner always does the trick. Likewise, I was thrilled when he got me a heart-shaped cake for our Valentine's three years ago. Nice things like that show you've made the effort, which is the most important thing about Valentine's Day.

Monday, February 4, 2013

It's February...

It's the love month already and my daughter's telling me about her plans on February 14. I just let her babble about it, do as she pleases but I know in the end it's up to me whether to agree with her on not, hehe. I guess I'm passed those stage in celebrating this occasion.

But I've got to give credit whoever made Valentine's day because people tend to remember the loves of their lives and treat them Special.
I guess I'll just see what happens on that day if I'm going to listen to my kid or not, lolz.

Cheap Magazine Subscription

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Thursday, January 31, 2013


I am now currently sporting a red hair. I was just bored with my hair that I thought of changing the color. I often dye my hair but I usually go for light brown or strawberry blonde that still looks brownish. Sometimes, I go for burgundy but the color still looks dark for my hair. Anyway, this color is washable. I guess this will fade in about 2 months so meanwhile, I'll savor the moment and be a red-headed gal :-)

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Writing Services

A lot of students these days are busy preparing for their upcoming exams, finishing their projects and completing their thesis. Not to mention they have tons of assignments to accomplish and daily quizzes to take and that means they have to double their time in studying. If a student had a hard time balancing his schedule, it would be so hard to catch up with everything. And if they are unlucky, they might fail. But fortunately, with the recent technology, there are other resources where the students can ask for help.

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Monday, January 28, 2013

My Christmas Gift

This picture may be late in posting but just sharing here that this is what I got last Christmas from my husband - an iPad! He actually asked me late of 2011 if I want an iPad but I declined because I don't need it. After one year, I decided to have this because it's handy when I'm going to travel and at the same time, I can teach nursery rhymes for my little tot. So this gift is actually not only for me but for my kids as well ;-)

From the bottom of my heart I want to thank my hubby for this wonderful gift! ♥

Sunday, January 27, 2013

Best Dental Care

Years ago I had trouble with my molar tooth so I went to see a doctor and advised me to have a root canal. It was costly but I agree to have my tooth saved and be fixed and besides, the dentist was nice to me.

Anyway, if you have trouble with your teeth, I suggest you go see a dentist right away. Even better if you see them once every six months to ensure proper care of your teeth. Have you heard of Temecula Dentists? They have all the necessary things to fix your teeth. They aim to provide you the best dental care and everything you need before you proceed with any procedure.

In fact, the Dentist Temecula will provide you education concerning your teeth and whatever procedure you will undergo to ensure you understand the benefits and its risks. But you will also have the option which procedure you prefer. They are very open with your option especially where budget is concern. Of course they wanted you to avail the best yet affordable procedure just right for your dental care.

And if you want to avail Dental Implant Temecula, they'd be happy to discuss this with you. You will be assured of great care the fact that they use the top of the line technology to maximize the quality each patient received. And if you wanted to avail other procedures, you can do so. You can actually browse at their site and check which services you'd like to include or avail. Or you can also call them thru telephone and set for appointment.

Saturday, January 26, 2013

Her Red Boots

A picture of my little girl wearing her boots given by a family friend. We went out malling one Saturday afternoon and how she loved wearing her new shoes. I'm also glad that the boots fits her perfectly so I took some snapshots of my little patootie while we were out. Isn't she a cutie? hehehe

Friday, January 25, 2013

A Must For Musicians

If you are looking for quality musical instruments, try to check ibanez electric guitars at Musicians Friend. My husband, who plays guitar a lot, even said that they really offer best products at a very good price. And for all music enthusiasts out there, better ensure to own great instruments so I suggest you find this site for your future reference. Or better check them out now while they're on sale!

My Natal Day

A picture of me and my girls as we went out dining at Italianni's to celebrate my birthday last January 12. I usually have small party at home with my relatives but this time, I only celebrated it with hubby and kids. We were just eating that day! And still I had a blast. Thanking Lord for giving me another year to celebrate and enjoy my day :-)