Monday, April 22, 2013

Summer Time

What I really like when it's my kid's summer vacation is that I don't need to wake up early, and sleeping late is not a problem. I'm really enjoying this 2-month vacay because when it's back to school days, I need to wake up as early as 5 or 5:30 am then I've got a very busy morning.

That's why right now I am savoring the moment however, my kids wake up very late in the morning also. And as not to make my eldest child's day unproductive, I enrolled her to art craft every afternoon and public speaking on M-W-F.  She's also into personality development every Saturday afternoon but it will end this coming weekend.

As for the youngest child, she stays at home with me. She's still 2 and 7 months old and she's still a baby. I want her to enjoy childhood. Definitely, she will go to school next year. I don't want to enroll her now so that she won't be burnt-out easily. At least I'm not that lonely at home if she's with me.

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