Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Pinked Tea Afternoon With Thrive Cdo and Spruce

I've been a Facebook member of Thrive Cdo ever since it started less than a year ago, but I never got the chance to join any of their activities. So finally, last Saturday afternoon of March 23, 2013, I was able to join a forum entitled Pinked Tea, which was conducted by Thrive Cdo in partnership with Spruce; the event was hosted by Margie Velasquez of ABS-CBN. 
Thrive Cdo is a non-profit organization which aims to promote breast cancer awareness. Ms. Karen Lluch, President of Thrive and a long-time friend of mine, was the one who conducted the forum. During her talk, she mentioned that breast cancer has become a social stigma for many years; and that through Thrive, its members hope to reach out to women who needed someone to talk to or to lean on during their trying moments. With the help of Spruce, one of the country's leading footwear, 10% of all purchased pair of its shoes would go to Thrive Cdo for the benefit of helping people with breast cancer.

I was really glad that I'd been supporting Spruce for over 2 years now; in fact, I still have my 2 pairs of shoes which I bought from their store.
 photo 2013-03-23153704_zps75ae182d.jpg
L-R: Karen Lluch of Thrive Cdo, Margie Velasquez of Abs-cbn, Jackylyn Occena of Spruce, Dr. Rhoel de Leon
The forum was also graced by Dr. Rhoel de Leon, well-known as probably one of the best cancer surgeons in the country. During the forum, he gave some insights and clarifications with regards to breast cancer. He also informed everyone that the key to prevention is early detection. He  mentioned 3 levels of screening, which are: 1) to have breasts examined a week after menstruation; 2) to have doctors examine the breasts; and 3) to have a Mammography.

The 2-hour conference last Saturday was a success; and I hope to be joining any upcoming events for the rest of the year. For more information about Thrive Cdo, you can call their contact numbers: 0915-4831225 or visit their Facebook page at http://www.facebook.com/thrive.cdo.
 photo thrivebanner_zps9bce79ba.jpg
I would like to thank Thrive Cdo for an afternoon of Pinked Tea, and for Spruce for giving me a wonderful gift: a new pair of shoes! I'm encouraging everyone to buy their products because you are in some way supporting a cause that could help save lives.
 photo spruce_zps41f64be2.jpg
Me with a Pink Ribbon; and wearing the shoes that I got from Spruce
mom&kids photo shoes_zps85d40d3a.jpg
L-R: Ginger Black Spruce shoes which I bought last 2011; and Alexis Gold Black Spruce shoes which I bought last year.

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