Friday, August 2, 2013

Chloe's Birthday Gift

Xavier Estates & Country Club
This is our gift for our eldest daughter Chloe on her 10th birthday, spending a night in one of the cottages at Xavier Estates. Her younger sister celebrated her 3rd birthday a week earlier and we throw a party for her. But Chloe said she doesn't want any party on her birthday but to spend an overnight weekend at a hotel.
Chloe outside our cottage
So, she was very ecstatic when her dad and I told her we're going to spend it at Xavier Estates. She thanked us and told us how happy she was that day. We were also glad she liked it even though the place was not our first choice. We wanted something new because we had been here before. But the ambiance and the peacefulness of the place are just too hard to resist. And the staff there were nice, polite and attentive so what's to complain?

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