Sunday, August 4, 2013

Zoe's Invitation Card

My 2nd baby daughter Zoe turned 3 last month and it's only now that I am going to post what her invitation card looked like.. Okay, it was me who made that and had it developed in a photo shop. Zoe wore her Cinderella dress bought by her maternal grandmother :-) It was her theme for this year's birthday.

I usually do the invitation in all of my children's birthday. For Zoe's invitation card, I took a picture of her and thank heavens (!!!) I was able to capture her beautiful smile. She strike a pose like Cinderella, too (just look at her hands)! Really, Mommy knows best *wink* *wink*

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Daddy said...

Hei...Rememeber me, the daddy blogger. Has been quite a while since I have not drop by and since today is my 5th year after starting my blog, I thought I revisit all those friends that I have made since. So happy that you are still blogging and your children are so big now..Cool! I am now in Beijing and with new set of adventures and my blog is now Looking forward to reconnect after such a long silence. Cheers.. And you are pretty as always...:)