Wednesday, December 30, 2015

CDOBloggers Christmas Party 2015

CDOBloggers held its annual Christmas party last December 19, 2015 at Boy Zugba located at Corrales St., Cagayan de Oro City. Boy Zugba was kind enough to host a party for the members where we were served with great food and had a fun night.

Below are the foods they served that made me want to come back and bring my family.

Grilled chicken tasted so yummy that really fed my hungry tummy ;-)
BZ3 photo IMG_0212_zpswvv31xna.jpg

Barbecue, pork liempo and chorizo are just some of their best menus. Bloggers from other table went to our side to get more chorizo but sorry guys, we consumed them so fast :-p
BZ2 photo IMG_0235_zpsz6ld3gjb.jpg

And they also served us pancit guisado that was fresh from the pan. It smelled and tasted sooo good that I ate a lot. I guess I forgot my diet that night.
 photo IMG_0215_zpszhd6wvqw.jpg

We also had games which everyone enjoyed. And we were so thankful for the sponsors for taking good care of our prizes. Thank you so much Krispy Kreme, Jollibee and of course, again, Boy Zugba.

Before we ended the party, we elected new sets of officers for the year 2016 and went home feeling grateful. From the bottom of our hearts, thank you again Boy Zugba and other sponsors. Thank you also those who invited CDOBloggers in covering their events for the year 2015, thank you in believing in us! May we continue to work hand in hand together and may we all have a fruitful 2016!

BZ1 photo IMG_0232_zpsmkwbuy4t.jpg
Yours truly ;-)

Monday, December 14, 2015

Music Channel For You

If you are a music enthusiast and eager to watch only shows or videos about music, then try browsing the MF Channel. This channel will help you look for the type of instruments you are looking for. You can also watch how the musicians use the instruments and even learn a tutorial from them.

So, if you want to learn more about music, visit this channel and receive great lessons from your favorite musicians.

Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Nursing my Illness Lately...

I’ve been battling different kind of illnesses a month ago. It sucks… Dyspepsia or indigestion was not a big joke. I thought I’d die of pain. But since I wanted to get well for my family, especially to my 5 and 12 year old kids, I went to see a doctor for a checkup. They prescribed meds for my tummy ache and told me to refrain from eating meat, poultry or dairy food for the meantime but eat only foods high in fiber or anything soft, soup included. From the result of my cbc, it was found out I had also UTI so the doctor prescribed antibiotic. I guess that explains why I suddenly experienced chills anytime of the day or worst, at dawn. 

I also thought I swallowed fish bone because it had been weeks since I felt ‘funny’ in my throat. But when I could not take it any longer, I went and see an EENT specialist. There he told me that I had pharyngitis and allergic rhinitis and it’s already chronic. I felt bad for myself knowing that in just 2 days, I’ve had these kinds of illnesses. But since I aimed to get well, I bought all the prescribed meds by the doctor. Anti-allergy medicine is now a must in my life... 

Anyways, I was glad that in a week’s time, my indigestion disappear but I had a big fear on this illness that I refrain from eating more than I could take and I also refrained from drinking soft drinks. However, there were times that I experienced stomach pain and it turned out to be gas but it was still quite painful. Thinking about my young kids scares me because I know I am not yet ready to depart in this world. Who would take care of them especially my youngest child who is quite delayed with her speech? I really prayed so hard to make me well because of my children. I gave up everything for them, didn’t even work to focus on them and I’m their only sole caretaker, I never hired a yaya or a helper for 5 years so imagine if I get sick. I pray that the Lord will always guide me and help me get better. Even today I pray that everything’s going to be fine, that all of us are free from dreaded illnesses and diseases and away from bad incidents or accidents. These were my constant prayer every single day. And I pray, that the Lord will not get tired of hearing my daily prayers.

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Best Buy Acoustic Guitars!

If you are looking for on sale or top seller acoustic guitars, visit because they have everything that you just might need.

I am bringing this good news, especially to all musicians reading my blog, to let you know that there are plenty of instruments to choose from this site and they really offer it for a very low price! I suggest you go there because the offer is limited. I wish you luck and have fun playing with your brand new acoustic guitar!

Sunday, August 9, 2015

My Children, My Happiness ♥

My 2 girls just turned 5 and 12 last month and I am so proud for the both of them. They have brought much happiness and joy in our family and I am so thankful for giving me and my husband these two beautiful girls.

Although I am not a perfect mom, I'm trying to be there for them as much as I could, to guide them and to help them in any way I can. I will always thank the Lord for them and will always pray for their protection, for safety, guidance, good health and happiness because that's a mom's (or a parents') biggest wish.

To my Chloe and Zoe, know that mom and dad are always proud of you! Love you so much and belated happy birthday greeting here in my blog :D ♥
 photo 4f8a6101-82f4-47ec-8ba9-6ba32b49ffd0_zpsa8mnm6ge.jpg

Thinking to Reinvent Our Kitchen

I have always thought of reinventing our kitchen because I want to prepare and cook food comfortably. I can live with a tiny space but the arrangement is quite confusing. Our cupboards or cabinets need to be changed because it didn't work well with the area, even the color didn't blend well. Thanks to, the site I found online because it gave me an idea how to make our kitchen look good.

Now, I'm quite excited as to what will I purchase first. I just can't wait to rearrange and make our kitchen a good new look!

Thursday, July 16, 2015

Lament of a Mom

I am beyond disappointed with my eldest child lately. How can I help her if she herself doesn't try her best? She's a smart girl but lately she's been so lazy doing her own stuff. She used to get high grades the previous years, now, it seems impossible. She doesn't do her assignment if not being told, doesn't answer her book properly if I don't get mad and most of the time, doesn't write her assignments in her notebook and all she reasoned out was: I Forgot!

She knows very well I will loose my patience if she does all those things but until now she kept doing it. I can't help but scold her and said a lot of insults because I was frustrated already. It's like she became rebellious and rude. She may cry today but the next week she will do all the things that pissed me off! I so hated to scold her but I can't help it, she's really giving me a headache.

When she got low grade in her Filipino and also math, I had her tutored. Her strength were English, Science, Computer subjects and others so I was not quite bothered in these areas. But last night, to my horror, I saw a lot of low scores in her science book and some she didn't even bother to answer! She may have aced her long test by getting a perfect score in science, she may have answered her oral tests but her books says otherwise. It will surely pull her grades down. And her reason for not answering? She felt drowsy. The rest, she told me it's not going to be recorded. But I don't believe her. Maybe some pages will not be recorded but I'm sure others are!

She also had science test today but she only informed me last night and to think they were already told the previous day that they will have a test. I didn't see the reminder in her notebook because she wrote it in her cellphone! I don't even bother to read her phone. And she didn't even tell me!

I feel so frustrated, so disappointed that my effort to help her were not utilized. I mean how can I help her if she does not also help herself? How can I approach a person if in the end she tried to block you? And if I'm talking to her about the consequences of getting low grades or if I am talking to her about how I felt about it, she instead talk back raise her voice as if she's the mother. How would I react? Of course against my will, I cannot help but scold her. Worst scenario is I pinched her or slap her leg. I cannot help it anymore and I know I will always be a bad mother for doing this.

I swear I prayed and prayed for her and it's as if my prayers were not answered. But why it should be? The person I'm praying for definitely doesn't pray at all.

I am not actually asking her of a perfect grade but a least give me a good and passable score in all her subjects. Yes, she's an honor student since 1st grade but starting last year she acquired this bad habit of always forgetting and trying to provoke me.

Now, it seems everything is getting worst. I don't even know how to deal with her anymore. The only thing I could think of is to confiscate or ground her for using gadgets.

Maybe I am just too strict but I kept telling her I will not scold her for no reason at all. And she knows so well what are the things that made me angry yet she's doing it over and over again. She's only in 6th grade. I am horrified to look into the future where she will turn worst.

Even at home she seldom helps me unless I asked her to. Even when she does things she kept on whining. It's only when I get sick that she tried to assist. Sometimes, I feel I don't know her anymore.

Despite all the things I poured out in here, I still love her because she's my daughter and she came from me. I hope one day she realizes all my sacrifices for her. I gave up everything for my children and even spent so much just to give them good education. I hope they will also try their best because that's what I only asked from them especially with my eldest.

I know I am not perfect, I am not even a role-model because I said a lot of things when I am mad. But I know I am not a bad mother because all I care is them. I wish my eldest sees that. But right now she's too blind to see but that's okay. But I hope realization comes soon because I am not getting any younger and I feel like I'm getting sick every time I scolded her. I feel like I could not breath and my heart crushed like I might not be able to move.

I prayed so hard for my kids to grow up into respectful and God-fearing ladies. But right now, I don't know if these were heard at all. I am beyond hurt and disappointed and it's only thru here that I want to pour my heart out. My blog may be a public venue but I'm sure I've few readers here so at least only a few will know. I don't want to embarrass my child or myself further that's why I opted not to post in fb or instagram but only here.

And I'd much appreciate it if you could pray for us... I guess we need that from other people. And thank you for your understanding, for not judging me (us) and for including us in your prayer.

I still hope that one day, realizations will come to the both of us.

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Vintage Collection

I bet my uncle, who is a musician and whom all of us look up to, would be happy to know that there is still a custom release of rosewood tele guitar. My uncle is so good in playing any musical instruments but he he is into guitar more. My brothers and other cousins idolized him because he is really so good. Too bad I did not get this talent from him.

Anyway, if you are also interested to own this 2007 limited release, why not order it now?! This guitar is classic and would be a great addition to your vintage collection.

Friday, June 5, 2015

Back To School Again!

I can't believe my kids' summer vacation is almost over. A week from now, they will be back in their regular classes. I will be missing the noise and arguments with my kids especially with my eldest, hehe. But I guess I'll make use of the time when they are at school. Well, I dunno...

Anyway, here's a photo of my youngest daughter doing her jump-shot during our summer outing with the family. I so love this photo so I'm sharing it with you here. This will remind me the beauty of summer in 2015 ;-)
summer 2015 photo IMG_4474_zpskdh1knrn.jpg

Saturday, May 30, 2015

Woodwind and Brasswind Stand

If you are a musician, I bet you have several musical instruments at home. It's easier to practice at home before performing live on the stage. However, make sure to put these instruments to its proper place to avoid untoward accidents. Even with your Woodwinds & Brasswinds, try to buy a holder or stand to keep them safe. I have read online that the 5-leg Trumpet Stand base is highly recommended, the one that features a black plastic peg with felt pads to protect the instrument. This can be ordered online on a very low price so why not try to check them out now?!

Sunday, May 17, 2015

Galileo Enrichment Learning Program is Finally Here in CDO!

Education is the most important thing we can give to our children. In fact, education starts at home and we, parents, are our children's first teachers. But when children grow older, we usually send them to school where they would have enhanced learning experiences. However, we should understand that each child is unique and thus learning varies from one child to another. Each child has different strengths and weaknesses, hence we need to help them develop in areas where they are usually weak.

These days, kids are fortunate because there are a lot of tutorial and enrichment centers which cater to children's learning needs. These establishment are there to help the kids improve in areas in which they are weak and help them gain confidence and get good grades in school. Here in Cagayan de Oro City, a lot of kids are being enrolled in tutorial centers offering Math and English and the results are that these kids would really improve in their grades at school!

As a mommy blogger, I was glad to have been invited by Ms. Marissa Ancheta (wife of Galileo Franchise Admistrator in CDO Mr. Rommel Ancheta) to grace the event of the newly-opened Galileo Enrichment Learning Program last May 9, 2015 located at L/G Knightsbridge building, Macasandig, Cagayan de Oro City.
CDO Mommy Bloggers photo MAR_2635_zpsvfyh9sba.jpg
Mommy Bloggers with Ms. Rowie (C), Franchise Admins: Mr. Uriel Ancheta & Mr. Rommel Ancheta
(photo credit: Marissa Ancheta)
Having 2 kids ages 4 and 11, I was more than eager to attend the event and to know what it is they had to offer. They even urged us parents to bring along our children so that they could be given free assessment on Math and English proficiency.
math assessment photo IMG_4948_zpszrgwewfu.jpg kid's assessment photo IMG_4953_zpsrdqbiiaw.jpg
The kids were busy answering their Math & English assessment tests 

One of the speakers that afternoon was Galileo's CEO, Ms. Ma. Rowena J. Matti. She oriented the parents about the learning program and their advocacy. She emphasized that kids should not be forced to learn because learning should not be a traumatic but a fun experience for them. Ms. Rowie believed that "through English and Math, children will be able to become better in all the other subjects and they will be able to study and learn more effectively and efficiently".
 photo IMG_5036_zpsjm6yfsoh.jpg
From Top L: Grand opening announcement; Top R: Galileo offers Singaporean Math; Lower R: Ms. Rowie orienting the parents; Lower L: freebies for the guests.
Another speaker was Ms. Maribeth Lamis, Galileo's Operations and Training Head, conducted an interactive orientation on Singaporean Math to the parents which was fun and easy to learn.
 photo MAR_2260_zpsy7vwdadc.jpg
Ribbon cutting held earlier that day (photo credit: Marissa Ancheta)
Galileo was established in 2004 by a group of educators who saw the need to reinforce school-based learning in today's globally competitive environment. They came up with the program which caters to the different learning pace and style of each child and giving them a positive learning environment.

Galileo is a meaningful, exciting and fun Math and English enrichment program for children ages 3-12. They are also the first center here in CDO to offer Singaporean Math.

The program aims to give your child the following benefits:
  • Improve school grades
  • Become academically competitive
  • Develop a positive attitude towards studying by associating fun with learning
  • Nurture skills and talent
  • Gain lots of friends
Galileo's Program Framework has 3As:

ASSESSMENT (Diagnostic) - to determine the level of the learner
ADVANCEMENT (Summative) - to move the learner forward
ADAPTATION (Formative) - to provide tailor-fit activities for the learner

Here's a picture of my daughter enjoying her 2-week free trial at Galileo. I'm also showing you a glimpse of what's the set-up inside the center :-)
Galileo Training Center photo IMG_5093_zpsbko1n60y.jpg
Top L: Teacher Sheen handles English subj while T Fria handles Math; Top R: Galileo kit is given once the child is enrolled; Lower R: materials use by the kids; Lower L: Worksheets, announcements, trivia corner
If you wish to enroll your child, visit Galileo and avail their 3-5months promo rate. Their office is open from Mondays to Saturdays, 8am to 6pm.

For more information about the program, visit their website at, FB: galileoenrichment and Twitter: galileoenrich.

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Humbucker Pickup Covers for your Instrument

I love music and I know how to play the guitar but I don't know some terms and functions of some parts of the instrument. Fortunately, my husband loves to play the guitar and know the parts very well so he explained to me its purposes. Just like the humbucker pickup covers where he said that that gives a good sound to the string of the guitar. But if you need replacement, it's best if it really fits on your instrument especially the holes. You can check on the internet to look for a better recommendation before buying a new replacement.

Monday, April 20, 2015

Uratex Formally Opens New Plant & Showroom in Cagayan de Oro

Uratex formally launched its latest showroom and manufacturing plant in Cagayan de Oro City. Local firm RGC Group of Companies was the company behind the top foam brand. The CDOBloggers (where I am one of the members), and other members from the local medias, were invited to grace the event last April 11, 2015 at their showroom in Brgy. Gusa, Cugman, Cagayan de Oro City.

For more than four decades, Uratex is the Philippines' largest manufacturer of commercial and automotive polyurethane foam products and is considered as one of South East Asia's leading foam brands.

The opening of the CDO plant and showroom is also part of Uratex's plan to open production centers in key cities in the region after it opened similar facilities in Cebu and Davao City.

"Cagayan de Oro City has always been known as a melting pot because of its accessibility, which makes it an attractive base for businesses in Mindanao. It has always been considered to be one of the most progressive cities in the Philippines. Establishing a manufacturing plant and showroom in CDO is part of our commitment to expand our business in Visayas and Mindanao and support the continued development in the region," says Mr. Eddie Gallor, Executive Vice President RGC Group of Companies.
 photo IMG_4582_zpsjttshksm.jpg
Mr. Eddie Gallor, Executive Vice President RGC Group of Companies
The Group's thriving foam business began in 1968 when Robert Cheng realized his dream of producing high-quality foam. He founded Polyfoam Chemical Corporation and, later on expanded into related businesses to address the growing needs of the automotive, furniture, bedding, footwear, textile, garment, and food industries.

Below are some of the Uratex foam, mattress products, furniture found at Cagayan de Oro showroom:
Uratex beds photo IMG_4588_zpsq1yxwwn8.jpg
Different type of beds found at Uratex Showroom in Cagayan de Oro
uratex furniture photo IMG_4587_zpsjmbhdu4n.jpg
Sofa, Furniture and More!
For more information about Uratex and its array of foam and mattress products, visit their site at

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Power Trouble

For over 4 years now, every summer in our country we experience rotating brownout. Actually, they gave us schedule as to what time it will happen during those dates and for how many times. However, the electric providers don't stick to the right schedule. They kept on moving it, changing it thus making the people, rather customers, furious. Although others asked for understanding, but they just cannot blame the people, too. Well, I often complain and I feel I have the right coz I pay my dues every month. And I've 2 young kids who complains a lot when there is power interruption. My youngest, who is 4 and 1/2 yrs old, experienced heat stroke yesterday and today I'm still giving her paracetamol. And then they wanted me to keep quiet? I just can't bring my kids anytime, anywhere in places where there are air-conditioners or fresh air. Because power interruption often happens when the kids are taking a nap. And as for my youngest, she needs rest as not to add insult to injury. What if she gets sick with other illness if I kept on bring her to malls or places when what she need is just rest? It would have been okay if she's almost the same age as my eldest who is 11 yrs old because it's easy for me to bring her anywhere.

Anyways, I just hope and pray that these rotating brownout schedule will only last until April 15 coz it disrupts a lot of work. In less than a couple of hours we'll be experiencing another brownout for 2.5 hrs and to think they schedule it ffrom 2am-4:30am, geeezzz. It's 12:55am right now so I guess I gotta go and try to sleep. Praying that everything's better when I wake up.

Monday, April 6, 2015

Shop at iprice now!

Shopping used to be quite stressful especially during the holidays. You had to get into long lines when paying. Or, you would have a hard time looking for the right sizes. Or worst, the item you promised yourself you would buy once you get back to the store would already be sold out or run out of stock! Unlike before, shopping nowadays is more convenient. This was made possible when online shops became accessible in almost all continents. You get to enjoy big discounts and get freebies simply by using coupon codes given online. I experienced this myself several times while shopping online and was even able to get the brand I so wanted to own with none of the hassle. The items were then delivered right into my doorstep all good and new.

iprice banner photo banner_zpsglluz1ef.png
Shopping has become even more convenient with iprice, a website dedicated to being a helping hand in the online shopping jungle where there are thousands of different websites and millions of different products here in the Philippines. At iprice, you start getting amazing deals once you sign up. You can easily find your favorite electronics, top branded clothes and bags, watches, jewelries, toys and lots of other hard to find items through them and get even lower prices by using their coupon codes. And if you happen to be a fashionista, then the more reason that you are in the right place since the people at iprice know exactly what you need!

Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Have A Blessed Holy Week

Holyweek pic photo holyweek pic_zpswdwluruc.jpg 

Wishing everyone a Blessed week! Let us all be reminded of Jesus' undying love for us. Let us remember His sacrifices in order to save us all. May this week be filled with reflections, filled with peace and happiness from within. God bless us all!

Thursday, March 12, 2015

Lemon Kiss Dress: Perfect For My 2 Princesses

The first time I got pregnant, I secretly wished it was a girl. Although I a was open to welcome a baby boy, my wish was still granted when I successfully delivered a baby girl. My husband wished for a girl, too, because he did not experience having a sister in the family as his 2 other siblings were boys. I, on the other hand, was an only girl and had 2 older brothers.

The second time I got pregnant, I didn't wish for a specific gender anymore but still I was blessed with a baby girl. And I was just as happy. My daughters are now 11 and 4 years old respectively and how I love to see them wearing nice dresses. When we go to the mall, instead of buying clothes for myself, I ended up buying for them because the clothes are way too cute. Often, I browse online and saw some pretty dresses just like the ones posted by Lemon Kiss on their FB page. Now, I am wishing to own these dresses:
  photo lemonkiss2_zpsqenpmwd3.jpg
This dress is way too cute for my youngest child. She loves to look kikay and she loves to wear beautiful dresses. I could only wish to own this kind of dress.

   photo lemonkiss4_zpskfxa7dbz.jpg 
My eldest child is already 11 years old and about 5'3" tall. I am not sure if this kind of dress is available for tall girls like her. But this dress suits her so well because of the style plus it's color blue. My eldest daughter likes anything blue so I just hope I can find something like this for her but it would be better if it's from Lemon Kiss.

For more trendy designs, styles and colors, just click Lemon Kiss FB page or simply visit SM Department store.

Thursday, March 5, 2015

Perfect Pedal For Your Guitar

When buying any musical instruments or gadgets, better to check the items first before buying. You can go to a nearby store but if you're too busy, you can check it online. It is even easy to do it these days because aside from checking the price, you can also see the features or specs. And there are a lot of stores online that will go on sale even with their bestseller items. Another thing is that you can always read the reviews of other buyers. You will know from them if the item is worth buying or not. So, if you are simply looking for a g5 pedal for your guitar, I recommend that you browse online because a lot of sites are offering this kind of gadget and will even help you with its uses.

Saturday, February 28, 2015

CDOBloggers 1st GMM at Ah Fong Asian Cuisine

 photo IMG_3762_zpssqtvooru.png
Induction of Officers 2015; Food served by Ah Fong
CDOBloggers held their first General Membership Meeting for this year on February 28, 2015. It was held at Ah Fong Asian Cuisine, a Chinese-Filipino Restaurant located at the Ground Floor level of Grand Central Building along Hayes cor. Pabayo St., Cagayan de Oro City. One of the owners, Ms. Nelia Lee, was there to welcome us and gave us a brief background of the restaurant. She discussed how she and her partners came up with the idea of putting up a business that turned into a restaurant.

Ms. Nelia introduced to us some of their bestseller foods and had us tried namely: Ah Fong Chicken, Mixed Vegetables (or Four seasons), Crabmeat Fuyong, Pancit Canton and Gulaman with Fruit cocktail dessert. The taste was really good that all of us went home full and satisfied. I promised to go back to Ah Fong and bring my family there to try their dishes.

 photo IMG_3748_zpsddsjugws.jpg
Ms. Nelia Lee
I highly recommend this place to you as well. Aside from their bestseller foods mentioned above, they offer different varieties of Filipino-Chinese dishes that are very affordable, too! So, if you're nearby the place or just visiting CDO, I'd like you to try dining at Ah Fong Restaurant where you will be served with good food with a good ambiance and with accommodating staff!

Going back to the Blogger's event, new sets of officers were Inducted. Ms. Emma Cortez is now the CDOBloggers' President for the year 2015. Congratulations Mommy Emz! You deserved the position ;-)

I've been blogging since 2008 but made my membership official with CDOBloggers over 2 years ago, I guess. And being a member of this group made me somewhat feel young, lol.

Anyhoo, I'll be sharing more on our upcoming event and share it with you. If you feel like joining, you are welcome to do so but better if you visit our website first or even check our FB page to give you an idea of what CDOBloggers is all about.

Thursday, January 15, 2015

Elegant Scented Candles

Just recently I checked on some tokens I received from the weddings I attended. Some scented candles I kept still smelled good and in good shape. So, for those planning what to give as tokens on their wedding day or perhaps on your child's baptismal day, you might opt for scented candles. You can browse and order it online or if I may suggest, try checking for diptyque because they are known for producing series of scented candles with elegant and styling drawings. Visit their site now to get more ideas!

Monday, January 5, 2015

Hello 2015!

Hello Blogging World! Just wanna send my Happy New Year to all of you! Wishing for a better 2015! Cheers!

 photo newyearpics2_zps96cebea1.jpg
The "Rhum" I was holding was just part of the props, hehe :D