Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Power Trouble

For over 4 years now, every summer in our country we experience rotating brownout. Actually, they gave us schedule as to what time it will happen during those dates and for how many times. However, the electric providers don't stick to the right schedule. They kept on moving it, changing it thus making the people, rather customers, furious. Although others asked for understanding, but they just cannot blame the people, too. Well, I often complain and I feel I have the right coz I pay my dues every month. And I've 2 young kids who complains a lot when there is power interruption. My youngest, who is 4 and 1/2 yrs old, experienced heat stroke yesterday and today I'm still giving her paracetamol. And then they wanted me to keep quiet? I just can't bring my kids anytime, anywhere in places where there are air-conditioners or fresh air. Because power interruption often happens when the kids are taking a nap. And as for my youngest, she needs rest as not to add insult to injury. What if she gets sick with other illness if I kept on bring her to malls or places when what she need is just rest? It would have been okay if she's almost the same age as my eldest who is 11 yrs old because it's easy for me to bring her anywhere.

Anyways, I just hope and pray that these rotating brownout schedule will only last until April 15 coz it disrupts a lot of work. In less than a couple of hours we'll be experiencing another brownout for 2.5 hrs and to think they schedule it ffrom 2am-4:30am, geeezzz. It's 12:55am right now so I guess I gotta go and try to sleep. Praying that everything's better when I wake up.

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