Monday, June 9, 2008

For My Friend

I thought my own shadow is the only one I’ve got,
I thought life is alright if living on my own,
I thought my own self is just what I need,
Not when heaven sent me what I need the most,
A friend that is you.

You really are a friend I’ll cherish all year thru,
For you’ve painted my life to red from blue.
A friend that is rare to find and as priceless as a jewel,
A friend that is wonderful and worth dying for.

None can dare take your friendship away from me,
Not even death can stop me in continuing loving you.
No one can ever break the bond that we built,
Unless it’s God’s will to take you away from me.

Now as I end this poem, I want you to know,
I’m proud to say that you’re a friend of mine.
And never will I try to expect anything from you,
For it’s enough for me to say I found a friend in you.


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