Sunday, June 1, 2008


YOU - - -

Never before I’ve met such as you
Never had the feeling I felt before
Never thought I would finally notice you,
And fell in love with you.

Never had I dream of you for me
Never did I wish to see you more each day
Never did I try to make me like you
But it turned out the other way.

HIM - - -

Right by my sight he came
Heart beats so fast whenever I see him.
Eyes couldn’t look straightly in his,
Think love is on the air.

Whenever he’s near me I’m not just the same
Whenever he stared at me I felt like I could melt
Whenever he calls my name I seemed to hear the sweetest voice,
I guess I’m in love with him, too.

Why both of you came at the same time?
Why did you make me feel confuse?
Don’t you know you put me in chaos?
For both of you are so special to me.

I feel happy when You’re around,
I feel sad when I couldn’t see Him.
Security do I feel when You’re beside me,
Loneliness, I feel when He’s not with me.

Maybe I’ll just have to wait,
For my feelings to remain
For time to tell who the right person is for me,
Will it be YOU?...

or HIM?

Oct 94

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