Sunday, June 1, 2008

To Someone

Sharing to you my unpublished poems I wrote years ago. Take note of the dates. It dawned unto me that I was a hopeless-romantic kind of person during my late teens or early twenties. I wrote several poems but I’ll just publish a few here. It was an old hobby of mine. Sometimes, I woke up in the middle of the night and scribble something on my notes. Or sometimes, I love writing anything under the sun if I was in one of my moods.


Please understand why it had to be that way,
Why I cannot give the thing you asked from me,
Why I cannot accept the thing you offered to me.
You’re only a friend, you must know,
No other thing I can show,
And the love you seek for me I cannot give,
And knowing all these, I hope you’ll continue to live.

You can’t blame me for this,
For I never hope that someday you and me,
Together, forever we will be.

I hope you can find someone new,
Who will love you and love in return.
Someone who really cares, and
Someone who is right enough for you.

What’s my decision for you is clear
And nothing can change that, I hope you hear.
Wishing only the best in you,
And I will pray in whatever you do.



Anonymous said...

Woohhh! Grabe ka poetic.

Cookie said...

charing nlng ni...para ni sa na basted, hehehehe..himoan nlng ug poem :)