Monday, June 9, 2008

Only You

I never thought I will come to know you,
I never thought we would meet,
Never expect our path will cross,
Nor even think someday I'll end up with you.

Time, I cannot say it is
That love I would feel such as this...
Happiness, I can say when I found you
For great is the love, to me that you show.

Now that we're in each other's arms
I never wish to let you go
Coz everything I dream is found in you,
And hoping what you feel is the same as I do.

You never really knew how much I love you,
It doesn't matter as long as my heart knows it's true.
You never once hear me say I want you
But you must know that each day, with me, I need you.

You told me forever you'll stay true,
And I would say I'll be loyal, too.
And as long as we remain together
I will love only you forever.


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