Tuesday, March 19, 2024

Finding Fun & Distraction: A Stay-at-Home Mom's Gaming Adventures

Life is quite challenging lately that I tried to distract myself by either reading a book or watching my favorite TV shows or films that are streaming online. Being a stay at home mom doesn't mean it's easy or convenient, especially in my case since I have a child with spectrum. I am just glad, so far, everything has been manageable. However, there are times when I find myself in uncontrollable situations that I just really have to pause and do deep breathing exercises to calm myself down.

So, it’s just timely that I recently discovered some games online which have helped me a lot. Some games are made just for kids, but there are also some which I feel are made for people like me, aimed not only to take away boredom but to also divert the mind to something analytical and fun.

My youngest daughter and I have played this Watermelon game and it turned out to be very addictive! At first, I thought that the objective was to drop all the fruits until it got full but then I realized that to stay longer in the game, I not only needed to bump identical fruits but also to push down the bigger fruits by using the smaller fruits. If the fruits fill up and reach the top part, it's game over. Also, in the game, when you bump two smaller fruits, it will create a new bigger fruit. Like if I bump 2 strawberries together, it will create new grape fruits. If I bump 2 grape fruits, it will create a brown coconut, I think. Two coconuts will create green apples and two green apples bumping each other will result to an orange fruit. And so on until it gets bigger and then I can finally create a watermelon. Here is a screenshot of the game I played. So far, the highest score I got was only 2533 but I’m already proud of that! lol.

This game may be easy but it is very effective in de-stressing. My daughter enjoyed this game a lot as it gave her focus and the feeling of satisfaction when creating many fruits just by bumping them.

Another game that I played was the Open Bar. I don’t normally go to bars anymore but this game made me curious of what it is the bartender was exactly doing, and so I tried playing the game. As it turned out, the game was more complex than it looked, especially since you’ll be the only one serving the customers. You have to learn how to prepare their preferred drinks and serve the right amount so that the customers won’t end up fuming mad with your service. You also need to clean the area once the customers leave after paying. I must have enjoyed the game so much since I tried so many times to perfect my serving. At first, I got a lot of bad feedback, but eventually I received some good remarks from my virtual customers, lol. Here are some screenshots of the game I played. I’ve edited it and put them side by side so it's easily understood. Some of the customers would order a beer, some cocktails or ladies drinks. Sometimes in the game, four customers would arrive together so that I’d have work fast in serving them then clean up the area before I can receive another customer. So far, the highest tip I received was $2,300 which made me very happy already :)
There was another game that I have tried, the Tap Supermarket, and I found it interesting. It took me awhile to understand how business-minded people works but, in the end, I earned $135,000 from selling, as well as buying other items to provide them to my increasing number of customers. However, it seems that the game never ends so I finally stopped playing since I was satisfied with the progress and my profits were already highs. This kind of game was not made just for entertainment but also taught me about entrepreneurship.
If you haven't tried these games, I  highly recommend them. Just choose the ones you like or you can play some of the games with your kids. It's more fun that way!

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