Thursday, October 6, 2022

Rosary Month

October is Rosary month. Catholics celebrate the whole month praying the rosary. I am a Catholic but I admit I am not as devoted and active as I used to be. But I still pray the rosary but not everyday. I am just glad that my youngest daughter's school, albeit non-sectarian, pray the rosary daily before their classes start.

Picture below is my mini-altar. The crocheted Mother of Fatima was beautifully made by my friend. I ordered it from her earlier this year. It looks perfect beside the Precious Moment Bible owned by my daughter. The other Bible is owned by me :-) The rosary was given by my mom. It was bought from Italy by her friend. 

I hope we could always find time to pray the rosary (me, especially) together with our family. My husband doesn't usually join us because he is a christian, but only joined us if we go or attend mass at church. 

Most of all, let us never forget to pray before we sleep and when we wake up. Let's thank our Maker for our borrowed life despite everything else ❤

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