Wednesday, September 29, 2021

How Much Do Celebrities Usually Charge to Make a Guest Appearance

Celebrities are worth a lot of money because they’re almost always in high demand.  People want to rub elbows with the elite and know what they’re like in person.  Although they’re just people like the rest of us: they can cost millions of dollars just for a single performance.

These are some facts on why celebrity visits may cost so much and what you can do to offset that and make the night even more magical.

How Famous Are They?

If you want to hire a celebrity, you have to be reasonable when considering your budget. For example, Beyonce charges around two million for a performance at a wedding or other small gathering. 

Other celebrities may charge far less depending on how famous they are and how in-demand they are.  Although some B and C-list stars will continue to keep their rates up, avoid overpaying.  If you can get a more popular and beloved star for the same amount of money: do it.

What’s Included In their Appearance?

When you hire a celebrity, it's a good idea to know what's included in that payment.  Are you paying for them to simply show up, or will they be performing for the crowd?  

Although performances are more obvious for singers and musicians, many actors and actresses may agree to monologue or sing happy birthday to the guest of honor.  It's important to discuss this before you pay to know what you're setting yourself up for.

What Type of Event Is It?

Is this a birthday party or a corporate event?  Some stars will do discounted rates for causes or companies they care more about.  Although this can be seen as a form of advertising, it makes it easier for corporate parties to hire someone with some glitz and glamor. 

Some stars may not feel comfortable performing at specific types of parties, like bachelor or bachelorette gatherings, so read their contracts and be clear in what you want and when. 

How Long Is Their Appearance?

How long is the celebrity going to be making their appearance or performing?  The longer and more intensive it is: the more it's going to cost.  Please pay attention to timing, and consider hiring other bands or musicians to pad out the time around their appearance.  This allows you to create a space where it doesn't feel like a party strictly for the sake of hiring a celebrity when they have other things to focus on.  

Talk to their management and find out how long they’re willing to perform for, what that performance includes, and whether or not they’re okay with other musical guests opening and closing for their performance.

Where Is It Located?

How far does the celebrity have to travel for the event?  Is it within the same city as them?  The same state?  Although this may be shocking to consider for some, many celebrities are willing to travel for an additional fee.

This fee will cover the time they're in transit and will also pay for the transit itself.  Some celebs may want to travel first class, but it’s worth it if you can get the one you want!

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