Tuesday, September 28, 2021

A Friendly Reminder

Image: ctto
I am already done with my first dose of COVID-19 vaccine and waiting for my 2nd dose next week. However, I am not yet vaccinated with FLU shot but hope to get it soon.

But let us be reminded that we should still practice social distancing, wear facemask and do handwashing even though we are already fully vaccinated. It does not guarantee that we don't get sick at all. After receiving my first shot, I stayed home most of the time. I don't go out because I am also protecting my family at home, especially my kids who are not yet vaccinated.

My eldest child, who just turned 18, have recently registered and is scheduled to have her 1st vaccination. I hope and pray that she will be fine with not much side effects. My youngest child is still 11 years old and not yet given a go signal by the DOH to be vaccinated so I am planning to have her receive a Flu vaccine soon.

Reminder also to all of us who already got vaccinated to not be so judgmental of others who did not yet get their jab. Some of them might not have a schedule yet (took me 3 months to be texted), or some of them might be experiencing undisclosed health problems and others just wanted to be mentally and psychologically ready. We can offer our help or knowledge about vaccine but not to the point of being too judgmental and very harsh towards them. Don't be so feeling high and mighty after you receive your jab. Comparing vaccines won't help either. As if we have a choice which vaccine to get. So, be kind, be understanding and just extend your helping hand in any way you can 🤝💓


Anonymous said...

Great! I am fully vaxx but now I need to get my flu vaccine. Thanks for the info.

Cookie said...

@Anonymous: You are welcome. I'm waiting for my 2nd dose and hope to get my flu shots after :) Thanks for dropping by in here.