Tuesday, June 22, 2021

Keep Yourself Hydrated!

The summer season already ended to where I live, but since I belong to a tropical place, I still experience the warm weather even if it is already a rainy season. Sometimes, humidity is so high that aside from being thirsty, I tend to have profuse sweating after my daily routine of brisk walking, either early in the morning or late in the afternoon. Often, I forgot to drink the required daily intake of fluids. I use my tumbler for drinking water, but there were many instances that I failed to remember how many cups I drank or, worst if I, indeed, drank water.

I always remind myself how important water is to our bodies. Drinking water does more than quench our thirst; but it also helps regulate our body. Water is essential to keep our body healthy and function properly; hence, we should keep it hydrated since all the major organs in our body depend on water to function and survive.

Let us go back to our science class and recall why water is vital in our bodies. Water regulates our body temperature and carries nutrients and oxygen to the cell. Water moistens tissue in our eyes, nose, and mouth and lubricates our joints. Therefore, if you are wondering why your lips cracked or your joints are somewhat in pain, it simply means that you lack water in your body. Another essential function of water in our body is, it cleanses our liver and kidney by flushing out waste products. Let us remember that when we sweat or have a urine or bowel movement, we also lose some water in our bodies; hence, we should replenish it and not get dehydrated.
With my busy schedule these days, I cannot help but miss some details of my water intake, including what I ate due to unavoidable circumstances. I know I should keep everything balanced and that I should find a way to make things easily accessible for me. One of the best solutions is to get a water jug with time marker because that way, I will be reminded that I should drink water and avoid missing my water intake. The water jug will be of great help as it could monitor if I drank enough or less for the day.

If you exercise or move a lot, you might need this, too. This trendy, portable, and lightweight water jug with a time marker and a motivational quote is best suited to keep me inspired by what I am doing.

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