Wednesday, December 11, 2019

I Left My Heart In Iloilo

I never thought that I would fall in love to this place I never even planned on visiting. It was last year (2018) when we (bloggers) were invited by AirAsia to ride in their maiden flight from CDO to Iloilo (RT). I never thought of joining them. I wasn't interested coz of some reasons (excuses, actually). But my sister in law forced me to join coz this would be fun and for me to have, well, some "ME" time. I'm a full-time mom and never had a break and that was an opportunity for me to have a break for awhile. Besides, (my sis went on) it was my kids' Semestral break so I need not worry coz they don't classes for a week. And so, off I went ✈. Surprise, Surprise! I didn't realize how wide their road was. Traffic was not even bad. And the people I met were somehow respectful. And there were so many places to see. Wow! Where have I been?! And how I love the serenity of their river, they even have a boardwalk for people to stroll, or maybe exercise, and benches to sit. My sis and I savored the moment. We visited many tourist spots which was fun, we also went to their museum. 
Sharing to you below a pic that I have at their River Esplanade. It was so calm in here, perfect to unwind and do some self-introspection.

However, our time there was limited and we only toured the main city. But of course we never forgot to visit their beautiful mall - Festive walk. I've realized then how much I love the place. I promised that I shall return -- and that I did a year later. Summer of 2019, my family and I, together with my brother-in-law's family, went to Iloilo and I was very glad to be their tour guide. I'll post about it next time (although I did post once here but only my pic appeared­čśü). 
Thank you Iloilo. Your place is so beautiful. No wonder a lot of people fell in love with your city - me included ;-)

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