Wednesday, December 11, 2019

3 Ways To Save Money on Your Move

Moving to a new home can be an exciting time, however, the actual process of moving your stuff can be frustrating and expensive. Fortunately, there are ways you can save money on your moving expenses.

Purchase Used Packing Supplies

Purchasing new packing boxes and supplies can be very convenient, but one way you can reduce your packing costs is to utilize used packing supplies. If you have a friend who has moved recently, you might want to ask them if they have any extra boxes you can use. You may also be able to purchase used boxes from a used moving boxes st louis retailer. If you plan, you can begin saving the shipping boxes you get from your online purchases. Hang on to the packing materials as well. You may be able to use them to protect your fragile items. You can also check with local businesses to see if they have any boxes they will let you have.

Get Rid of Stuff You Don't Need

Getting rid of belongings you don't need can save you time and money when moving and also help prevent you from cluttering up your new space. You can help finance your move by selling items on craigslist, eBay or at a garage sale. You may also be able to donate some items to local charities or thrift stores. Throw out or recycle anything you don't need that doesn't have any value to anyone else either.

Move During the Off-Season

You can't always choose when you get to move, but if you can, you can save some money by moving between October and April. Because fewer people choose to move during those months, the prices charged by movers tend to be lower.
Moving is a process that many people dread. A little planning ahead can save you some money and make the process less painful.

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