Friday, March 14, 2014

Elsa Painting by Chloe

 photo e99f4bdd-7921-43f7-ab3c-7fbbe5b1a947_zps89c6a57b.png
I posted this in my other blog and I'm posting this here also. This is my daughter's computer MS Paint of Elsa. She tried to copy the original but didn't cut and paste but the result was almost the same. But if you look closely, there's obviously a difference. But for a 10 year-old to do this, I guess that's quite pretty amazing, huh. She only copied the background but Elsa's already her doing.

Painting the computer is one of her hobbies. She won twice already at school for MS computer painting. I'm glad she's good in this aspect and I'm just here to support her hobbies. But I told her not to spend a lot of time on the computer to protect her eyes. So, what do you think of my daughter's drawing?


kimmy said...

wow! your daughter is really good..

Giz Elle said...

Hi Cookie, my nieces are so obsessed with Elsa too. And I bet they would really try to paint her if they had the chance. I wonder what app did Chloe used here? My! She's so good, it looks almost the same, just a little bit tweak on the face though.. but all in all it's great!

Cookie said...

thank you so much @kimmy!

Hi @Giz Elle: my daughter just uses the Microsoft Paint :-) thanks!