Saturday, March 1, 2014

On the Road to Recovery

I'm glad my youngest child is completely health from cough and colds and I am also on my road to recovery. I'm not worried for myself but I worry more for my child. I was supposed to bring her to her pediatrician because I'm afraid her cough might develop into something else. Just like what happen to her 2 years ago that she had tonsillitis and she really had a hard time sleeping.

But I'm glad that her illness lately was just viral infection. I gave her meds for cough and colds and it worked on her. And of course, water therapy was a really good medicine.

Now that my youngest child is cured, at least I can focus on my eldest child. She will be taking her final exams next week and I need to help her with the review. I pray then that she will not get sick and most of all, she will be able to answer all her exams correctly.

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