Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Congrats Zoe!

My little girl Zoe finished her Toddler year last March 27, 2014. We all attended to her recognition day and was so proud of her progress. She got a medal for Character Excellence in her school and also got a Best in Math ribbon.

Her behavior is quite a challenge but I thanked her teachers for being patient with her and tried to bring out the best in her. Despite everything, I'll always be there to support my daughter. Just like her sister, Zoe is also my pride and joy. I will never stop loving my kids, never stop supporting them and be there always for them.

Next school year Zoe will be enrolled in Nursery. Although quite worried, I am also looking forward to take a new journey with my daughter. But I'd like to entrust all my worries and concerns to the Lord. I believe she will be alright and be able to face the challenges in life...
Proud Mommy Moment :-)

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