Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Gold For Creativity!

Photobucket Photobucket
My daughter Chloe, who is currently in Grade 3, got these 2 gold medals today. She won 1st place in Computer Paint where she draw an Aquarium with different kinds of fishes. I wish I have a copy so that I can also see her winning piece. The other medal was won by her group (there were 4 of them) for T-shirt Design Contest for their Math Subject. You can see the shirt on the 1st picture posted above and Chloe even modeled it after they were finish painting the shirt. Luckily for their group, they were declared champion.

They celebrated Information Technology Week last week so Quiz Bee for Math and Science were also conducted. But winners for T-shirt Design and Computer Painting were only announced today. I really wish I have a copy of Chloe's computer paint but I have yet to ask from her teacher. She loves to draw and paint so much that I'm glad her God-given talent was noticed.

So, to my dear daughter Chloe, congratulations and I will always support you!

Oh, to give you an example how Chloe draw on the Computer paint, here it is: Photobucket
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redlane said...

wow, that's a really cool drawing. and that's on Paint? my kids love drawing on Paint too but they haven't gotten to that level yet. Good job to Chloe. I would say my kids' drawing are more like abstract, hahaha. visiting here from Wednesday Whites.

emzkie said...

very creative indeed! Congrats to your daughter sis!

visiting from WW

Jessica Cassidy said...

Momi Cookie, congrats to Chloe your smart and talented girl :-) her art work is really exceptional :-) You must be one proud Mommy :-) Dropping by for Wednesday Whites :-)

raya said...

she is such a brilliant artist, mommy cookie! I have seen her artworks in bogie's wall,too. You must be so proud! Way to go, Chloe!