Friday, November 30, 2012

Face Painting

My eldest daughter enjoyed her Halloween celebration this year because not only she joined a contest but she almost filled her pumpkin with lots of treats! Anyway, she wore her vampire queen costume and asked me to paint her face to make her look scary and intimidating. She asked me not to forget to paint a red stain near her lips to make it look like a blood. It was indeed fun to look at her and other contestants. Some of them were so creative and I just could not help but admire their painted face. Even adults joined the contest and if I were the judge, I would really have a hard time choosing a winner. My daughter did not win but she still had fun because all of them were given goodies.

Recently, it just occurred to me to search on the net for a nice face painting. I found the site and checked on their samples. The kids look so cute and how I admired the artwork because it was neatly done. I would so like them to make me look like a fairy. If you happen to live in New York and want to throw a party to yourself or to your kids, you can hire face painters Long Island to keep your guest busy and entertained. You need not worry of the result because you will be provided with professional face painter so I'm sure you will admire the result. But I guess it may be best if you go to their site and contact them for further information.

Or you can hire their services for your Christmas party, too. Even adults like to have their faces painted so I bet including this in your program will add fun to your party. So, better decide now so you can book them as early as now.

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