Thursday, September 23, 2010

Cranky Zoe

Zoe was quite cranky yesterday. After I fed her milk, she was still crying. I tried giving her more but her tongue pushed it out. I thought she might be a colic baby but she had burped and even released some air *><* I decided to rock her coz she was a little bit sleepy but she was restless. I kept changing to different positions until I, myself, got tired. I decided to put her on her crib, but her cries became louder. I transferred her to our bed, still she cried. I let her be... at the same time, I tried talking to her... And she listened and looked at me. Then, she smiled...
It was like magic, because her smile released all my stress. I got energized again. I felt for my baby as she was so helpless for I don't know what she wanted me to do with her. She was responding to me, as if she understood what I was trying to say. She do like this for several weeks already, talking something to me and I answered as if we were conversing. After that, my most awaited part finally came - she fell asleep!

I guess she was just feeling cranky before going to sleep. Babies (or even bigger kids!) are like that so we, parents, should be more understanding and patient about it. I am just thankful that she's fine and healthy and nothing serious has been noted.


Mummy Gwen said...

Glad to know Zoe was just tired after all. Yes..sometimes it's stressful when we don't know why are they cranky about.

Zoe is soo adorable. She is smiling already now ya.

BTW, thanks for the comment on my blog. Gwen is 4 already. :)

Dhemz said...

oh I miss those days....mau gani na mamicooks kay cranky lang...sos karon pag dako na cranky ug tantrums magsagol...ehehehhe!

ka cute sa little lady!