Monday, June 21, 2010


I'm feeling nostalgic today. Chloe, my 6 yrs & 11 months old daughter is already a grade 1 pupil. She's turning 7 years old next month and I can't help but recall the day when she was born. She was a gift from God & I remember how happy we were to have her in our lives. I used to rocked her, cradled her, sang lullabies for her (and danced, too) and a lot more. With just one glimpse, she just grew up, as if those times where just a fragment of my imagination. She may have learned basic things from me but I learn more a lot from her. It was thru her where I knew how to take care of babies. She taught me motherhood... Now, I'm getting really sentimental.

Since I am to give birth next month also, I guess taking care of my second born is not that difficult anymore. I mean, at least, I had an experienced already but I still welcome new challenges. After all, each child is unique but someway, somehow, I know what to expect.

Last week, I was forced to drive Chloe to her school as my husband was sent for a 3 week training in Manila. We thought this seminar would take place last May but it only happens now. I still agreed to let him attend as long as he will be home on my due date. What I was only worried about was Chloe since she is new to her school and my house help is also new. So, after getting blessing from my OB-Gyne, I drove Chloe to her school (it's a 5-minute drive only if there's no traffic but the street is quite steep). Luckily, our neighbor who is my husband's first degree cousin sent his kids to the same school and offered us to bring Chloe to school with them starting this week. One of his sons is Chloe's classmate anyway so I'm quite relieved of the situation. I am very much thankful for this arrangement as it's already a big help on our part. God bless their kind soul! But even though the situation is like this now, I can't help but miss my little girl. I guess I have to accept the fact that my baby is starting to grow up and will be on her on own one day and I can only sigh....

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Mummy Gwen said...

Ooh...they grow up too fast. Hope you have a smooth delivery. Take care, ganda. :)