Wednesday, June 16, 2010

First Day of School

Today is Chloe's first day of school. Drove her to her new school and stayed there the whole morning. Got to orient myself, too. The doctor allowed me to drive even with big tummy as long as it won't take me that long. Driving while pregnant is okay but I should make sure that the seat and the distance of the steering wheel is properly adjusted. I should avoid getting into trouble while driving because the danger here is the trauma that my tummy might experience - God forbid! So far, everything's okay. As for Chloe, she met new friends and some of her classmates at preschool are enrolled in the same school, too, and happen to be her classmates. In their class, there are 30 of them. I hope the teacher can still manage all of them and hope Chloe can still pay attention to their class, hehe.

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