Sunday, March 7, 2010

Yummy Sunday: Shakey's Pizza

I love to eat at Shakey's and I usually ordered their Bunch of Lunch meal. My daughter will just order single chicken with rice but what usually happen was, she always ended eating up my pizza, my garlic bread and sometimes, my spaghetti :D

I love the taste of their garlic bread that I sometimes ordered for more. My hubby likes to order his meal with Caesar's salad.. This Sunday's entry is about the food that I ordered from Shakey's Pizza. To join, make a blog about your favorite foods, go to Perfectly Blended's blog, leave a comment at McLinky's and copy the badge.

Bunch of Lunch (Pizza, chicken, spaghetti, garlic bread & mojo)
Single Chicken meal


wenn said...

i love the ginger bread too!

Kero said...

ah yes, i remmeber having that Shakey's meal four years ago...and i too wanted it over and over. sayang sana may branch din sila dito.

my entry is here

Perfectly Blended said...

I also love the bunch of lunch meal. :)

niko said...

sarap naman nyan!

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kamz said...

lamia ana cooks oi! mao ba na imo gipaglihian? pizza ug fried chicken? im sure he/she is going to be one healthy baby!

murag naunahan na ko ni niko dah.. but will still take my chances. please joing Kaye and Pehpot's Bloversary Contest. There are only 5 very simple steps in order to be qualified and you can you can find it here... i would really appreciate it if you could mention KIKAMZ as your referrer. thanks kaau cooks! ingat kaw and God bless! take care pud kay baby.

Faith | UPrinting Coupons said...

Shakey's never fail to satisfy with with their pizza and even their meals. March 7 was my best bud's birthday and instead of going out for dinner, we end up bar hopping and take out pizza. LOL.

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