Sunday, March 21, 2010

Yummy Sunday: Bigby's

Seafoods Kebob

Tapa Bai! (Beef)

My Yummy Sunday entry for this week is all about Bigby's food. I love going and eating at Bigby's. They offer tasty food that are mouth-watering and the price is just enough. They offer great delicacies, too, and my favorite is their midnight dream cake.

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Perfectly Blended said...

Your food photos makes me hungry :)

nuts said...

a genuine tapa.. oh so yummy!

gemini said...

A favorite resto for my family too!

Kero said...

the kebabs look juicy! i can smell it from here hehe

my entry is here

gemini said... favorite tapa bay! from Bigbys...i miss CDO now, wish to visit soon.