Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Ozamiz City

We went to Ozamiz City the other weekend for a very important transaction and at the same time, to visit my BFF Katrina. The last time I was in Ozamiz was when I was in Grade 1. I studied my nursery in there, too, but because of my dad's work, we kept on transferring from one place to another.

Katrina is my best friend in high school here in CDO. Her Chinese-Fil husband lives in Ozamiz so she settled in there for good. She kept on inviting me visit her place but it never happened. But finally, it did happen and my husband and Chloe went along with me :-) We stayed there overnight at their guest house (with superb accommodation!) and I hope to go back in there to see their Dolphin Island, too. I posted some pictures below. Some will be posted at Chloe's Blog.

Ozamiz Museum; With their oldest canyon

Chloe & Daddy; Me & Katrina (far right) with our kids

At Bethany Resto. They served tasty food at cheaper price (and with good ambiance, too!)


Meryl (proud pinay) said...

ang ganda ng mga pics. glad you enjoyed your stay ^_^

Online Printing said...

Wow, I didn't know Ozamis is such a beautiful place. Too bad I don't have the luxury to travel yet.
Hope you guys had fun there. :)

Phebie said...

oi...mao ba? nka laag diay mo didto? nah adto jud mo sa Doliphin Island kay super nice kaau...

tnx sa visit ha?nag dropped sab ko EC dri...

Mummy Gwen said...

Wow...the view is so awesome. It's great that you still keep in touch with yr BFF. Glad to know you had fun there. :)

Anonymous said...

Nice photos!

Bogie said...

looks like Chloe has so much fun.

Bogie's Wonderland

D said...

Oi Ozamis City! I've been there too, on our way to Oroquieta city. Lovely pictures! Baka yung anak mo and yung anak ng best friend mo ang maging best friends too, Cooks! Wouldn't that be nice? hehe Anyway, thanks ha. Had a busy shift today at work, pero oh well, always namang busy sa trabaho eh. Like I always say, pinipiga ka talaga dito sa America down to the last centavo. But that's life. Anyway, you take care too Cookie! Regards to your beautiful daughter!

OFW2OnlineFreelancing said...

Wow.. I think the last time I saw Ozamis was 8 years ago. We passed by on our way to Oroqueita City..

I think there is a great improvement in Ozamis now looking at your picture..

me said...

Wow ganda pala sa Ozamis Mommy Cook..never been there pa kasi..hope to get to visit the place someday..miss visiting here..how are you?tapos ka na rin sa training mo?

Azumi's Mom ★ said...

wow seems you had a great time =)... and i assume your friend is bigtime hehe,, looking forward to that dolphin island pics..

I miss my bffs also

Cookie said...

Thanks for your comments guys!
@Meryl - yeah, we had fun in there

@Online Printing - Thank you very much for always visiting my site and for your comments, too.

@Phebz - nindot jud oi? sayang ba, wala mi kaadto. nextym we'll go there

@Mummygwen - yeah, my BFF & I always keep in touch. We live far from each other now & I miss her friendship. She's always nice to me :)

@Wrigley - thanks for the comment ;)

@Bogie - Chloe had a blast in Ozamiz

@ D - I happened to lived in Oroquieta, too. that was many years ago, hehe. oi, easy ka lang sa work mo dear ha?

@Cyra - thnx for the comment. where you've been? I can't see your profile anymore.

@Kittykat - tapos na training ko dear. Sahm na ulit ako, hehe. Miss you girl!

@ Bams - hehe, parang ganun at sya lang, haha. nakaka miss nga ang mga friends natin. all my bffs live far from my place now...

niko said...

oi galing naman. bonding to the max ha..saya nio sa pictures!!

anyways cooks may tag ako sau


Jenny said...

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