Saturday, January 24, 2009

My O.R. Week

I'm having a little free time nowadays to post an entry here but I'll try my best to put on some updates. I know I'll get used to this kind of routine soon, and even waking up as early as 5 o'clock in the morning! I started having my duty the other week and at that time, we were oriented to the place, the set-up, the staff and everything. And then I was informed that I'll be assigned at the Operating Room. Actually, I was a bit skeptical to be an OR nurse because there are so many instruments that I am not familiarized with and I've heard that some doctors are hot-tempered. But I knew that OR is one of the cream of the crop in a hospital and it will be a big challenge for me to join their team, so, I stated in my application that I wanted to be assigned at the OR - and there I was!

My second week at the OR was more on observing how the senior nurses did their part. I got to helped them do the nurses notes. Despite the heavy rain and bad weather, we had to be there (although some were absent because their houses were flooded) to take care of the patients. Thank God, I survived that week.

And then came my third week. They usually rotated us to different areas and I was assigned to the ER-OR area. Cases that were catered in there were minor operations. But on the very first day, I was totally stressed out. My time was extended for another 2 hours and I arrived home so drained and tired. As early as 7:30 p.m., I was already off to bed. The following day, it was the exact opposite and I was tired, too, for nothing much to do, hehe. But as I've said before, I've no reasons to complain but to thank only that we were there trying to save and extend services to the sick people at the hospital. But I did not scrub yet as of this week (assisting doctor during operation). I was more of a circulating nurse but I'm pretty sure that by next week, I'll be more of a scrub nurse. And oh, some doctors I've encountered lately were nice, by the way.

Hope to post more interesting stories next time ;)


Umma said...

So you already savored the experience of becoming a real nurse now.. I know being a nurse is equivalent to exhaustion, deprivation of sleep especially if you are in night shifts.

Anyway, soon your body will adapt with the routine and you'll just be too eager to work more hahaha..

Happy weekend COOKS.. I hope u'll enjoy your bonding time with ur family..

Kristie said...

i really admire ur job :) dont worry, it's always good to start from the bottom! :)

enjoy ur work!

Bogie said...

Bless your heart! Glad to hear that despite of being busy and occupied your are still thankful! I'll see you around! :~)

niko said...

wow!!! kaya pala bigla ka nawala sa msg box ko dear.. busy na byuti mo ngaun being a nurse!! hohoho. congrats dear, saludo ako sa job na yan..

keep us updated ha.. pwede mag request?? id like to see u on ur uniform!! hohoho kung ok lng dear cooks..

happy weekend dear!! kisses kay chloe ;)

Cecile said...

good to hear that despite of your busy work, you still manage enjoy the day :-) happy weekends dear; get some rest if you can after bonding with family :-)

Anonymous said...

did you know that when i was a kid, i wanted so much to be a nurse? now, i wonder why i am not one! but i guess, it's never too late to go to nursing school? hehehe...

nursing is one tough and rewarding job. at the end of the day, it's all about being able to touch other people's lives.

padayon cooks!

amiable amy said...

Cookie pie, I am so happy that you got that job. What hospital ba? I am planning to get a CNA course here. For the moment, i am interested to volunteer once a week in the hospital. Be happy my friend and keep in touch.

Her Glitter Life said...

Hi cookies, Musta ang buhay? busy gyud no. I also planning to enroll for nursing this spring. Since Nursing is very demanding every where. Just to get medical background.

Anyway, You are one of my tag. just Check it out.