Thursday, January 1, 2009

Gift, Laugh and Love

Days before Christmas, I posted here that my husband sprained his ankle badly. He took a leave from work and spent most of his time recovering at home. So on Christmas Day, he told me he would have to take a rain check on his Christmas gift for me. I didn't think much about it anymore because what was more important was his health. Well, lately he was able to walk without his crutches and since he was so bored at home, he wanted for us to go out, with me driving the car, of course. We went to a store and told me he would buy the thing that he promised me...
That's a scanner, all right, hehe. It's a Canon LIDE-100.

I actually have so many memorable pictures that I wanted to post. The problem was, those pictures were taken before the digital era, hehe. Well, thanks, hubby, for this wonderful gift and I do promise to take good care of it ;)

Well, this is also an opportunity for me to scan and post the Laughing Stock of the Day meme that Niko and Kikamz tagged me before. Since I went to my mom's place, I took one of my old pics. I don't know if this is considered a Fun picture... I think it's more of a weird picture because my daughter did not recognize me on it. This was taken in Butuan City and I guess I was still 12 years at the time it was taken. :)
And oh, speaking of meme, I am posting Spread The Love Award, too.

This is from Cecile of Small and Simple things. Sorry, it took me a long time to post this, hehe. In fact, I digged it up from her old post, looking from one blog to another until I finally found it, hehehe. Well, I am Spreading The Love Award to all of you! You can grab and spread it to others, too..Wishing you all a Happy New Year!


Mummy Gwen said...

Awww...your hubby is so sweet. That's really a wonderful gift. Hope he is much better now. You looked tall for a 12 years old..hahaha..Look at those :D

Cecile said...

thanks for posting this one dear cooks :-) that is ok, no rush anyway.

Umma said...

You're such a lucky girl Cooks having a hubby like him.. he's so sweet indeed. So we expect seeing more of your old pictures posted then especially from one of ur Vegas trip long time ago.

BTW, the picture u posted looks so innocent side of Cookie hahaha.. it wasnt funny at all. I see it as a one innocent damsel with a pretty smile and look at the legs ha? U have such a long pretty legs my us more.

Cookie said...

Thanks pretty girls for your comments :D Hey, didn't notice how long my legs were at age 12 until you mentioned it, haha!

My growth was speeding up at that age but it stopped when I was about 15 y.o. Wish I could have grown taller, haha..

Anonymous said...

hi Cookie, your daughter looks like you when you were younger.
Happy new year! :o)

A said...

Happy New Year Cookie! :D better late than never, right? I was quite busy, but here I am! :D you're hubby is so sweet, it's nice that he got you something you really wanted... :D Have a pleasant year ahead of you! :D