Monday, June 9, 2008

Wakwak Society

I already wrote about my friends in my previous blog. Now, I made a collage just for them. It is thru these pictures that I’m reminded about their friendship and not to forget the fun times we had together, too. I also added some funny videos for you to view...

Girls just wanna have fun

Naay nasalaag ani na pic ---------------> with yanni

Pinning Ceremony

Graduation Day



Party all night....Sleep all day...The Lost Girls, hehehe...

And the fun continues....(mga babaeng nawawala sa sarili)

Las Masculadas
Left view, right view, front view... The poolside nurses

Yanni year 2004---


Anonymous said...

buhi pa diay na na video? hehehe... girls gone wild? or simply crazy ;)

Anonymous said...

hahaha.. lingaw jud kau.. mingaw na nuon ko sa kabuang ni manang.. hahahahahhaha...